log: boring day

WORMDATE: 2-312: 320- 18,265

Typhoon 바비 is moving up into North Korea this morning. As it’s travelling up the west coast of the peninsula and we’re in the southeast, we’re probably only going to get a glancing blow from the storm. Here, it’s mainly thunderstorms. Separate weather system in 부산, I think. Insofar as there is such a thing as a separate weather system 잖아요.

아침, the strange raw sienna light woke me. A rainbow formed over the bay. 그리고 some fork lightning. 지금, it’s just gray and rainy.

That’s probably today’s 대excitement. I’m just waiting for class modules to open. While I do that, I’ll probably do some reading, fuck around with some writing, clean, 운동하다, that sort of thing.

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