WORMDATE: 2-323: 299-19,699

If you read these things, I imagine you’re at least of a bit interested on how we’re doing on the Corona front. The answer? NOT GREAT!

my school setup

Today was the first day in a while that we got below 300 cases nationwide. 1,018 cases from that Church so far and 307 connected to their Liberation Day rally. We’re sitting at a nationwide Level 2.5 of social distancing, with Level 3 being the most severe. It sort of seems like the KCDC wants to go to Level 3 but that there’s some resistance from the government. I tend to just be like – do what the experts say. That’s what worked before.

There’s a couple of extra dimensions at play (outside of the economy), which makes the resistance somewhat understandable. The first is that government wants to see Level 2 enforced before we go to Level 3. That makes some sense. You can have whatever system you want but you have to be able to enforce the levels as you go. That’s not so easy.

A lot of these measures have to be enforced against the right-wing protestant churches, who hate the government and believe they’re being scapegoated and persecuted. That means we’re in a particularly political situation. You play this wrong, you could end up with more rallies and people in the streets. So the government is trying to enforce a thing while trying to defuse a thing. It’s a bit complicated. As if it wasn’t complicated enough. Takes some finesse.

So, overall, we’re into a weird nationwide Level 2 type thing. A 2.5. Advised to stay home unless it’s essential. Modifications to business hours, closed schools, that sort of thing.

Next week, in 서울 there’s a “10 Million Citizen Standstill” week. (The population of 서울 proper is 10 million and it’s twice as dense as NYC and, the 수도권 is about 25 million people and, this area is where the bulk of the outbreak is, so you see the reason for worry.) Basically, this week is an attempt to get all these people to stay home for a week. Make it a challenge. You know, like that ice-bucket thing. We’ll see how it goes.

As for me, I’m getting a bit stir crazy. I miss heading out for a 커피 and the “daily life” part of Level 1’s Daily Life Quarantine. Been doing some schoolwork. Alegebra 2. I like math.

Hit some fractions today, which I have some trouble with and wasn’t looking forward to. (Kind of a lie, I was sort of looking forward to them because I have some trouble with them.)

sorta shit that I’m up to – always running out of eraser before I run out of pencil

But here’s how big of dope I am. Until today, I had no idea that I could simplify fractions with a calculator. For some reason, until today, it just never occurred to me to look for a button or whatever on my calculator. So, until today, I’ve been reducing the fucking things by hand. 589 over 4035, get the pencil! I’ve been living like an animal! Can you believe that shit?

Aside from that, I’m watching some Deep Space 9. (Some,er, all.) I think Season 7 of DS9 is probably worse than Season 1 of TNG. I won’t fight you about it though. Just what I think.

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