log: fireworks and typhoon

WORMDATE: 3-329: 195-20,644

Looks like we’re wrestling this thing back down. There’s been a steady decline in cases. Below triple digits is considered manageable by the health authorities and I’m not going to argue with them. They seem to know what they’re doing. It’s one of those things where you just try to do what you’re told and not think too much about it. I just hope we get back to that level. You never know. Another outbreak is always around the corner. It is a little boring tho.

Useless talking about randos but saw this one dude commenting on Facebook about all this (I know, why am I even?) and he, with his “CCP Virus Trumpy Q” header was laying down stats and all like WHY ARE WE ALL PANICKING! It’s just like, motherfucker . . .

For starters, the odds of getting this being low is a good thing. There’s a relationship between people doing what they need to and there only being 329 deaths so far in a country of over 50 million people. (God, I hate saying “only” there – those are all terrible.) For another, who is panicking? We’re just making reasonable adjustments. We’re making a few sacrifices to try to keep some strangers alive. It’s not panic. It’s decency. And it’s just bizarre how some people think doing anything that’s not 100% fun equals PANIC! How do they live?

Something nice did happen a few days ago. We were treated to fireworks on the water.

This used to be a pretty much weekly thing. It stopped with COVID. So this was the first time seeing this since January, I think. I’ve missed it. And this was a pretty big show too. I don’t know if they had a bunch of fireworks about to expire or what. Maybe a rich person was getting married. Hard to tell.

We had a pretty serious typhoon last night. 태풍 매삭. Our place managed to escape unscathed except for a power-bar that died in a power-surge. I headed out today to replace it. Spoke briefly with my librarian 친구. The Mystery Library had one of its windows blown out by the 바람 and it was being fixed by men on a crane. There was broken glass all over the street near the GS25. A lot of windows were lost.

If you can see the black spots in that building, those are blown out windows.

And Davy Jr. was just beat today. She hates a howling 바람 as much as she hates thunder or fireworks. I spent most of last night staying up to comfort her. And Lobo was no help! She was just bullying Davy (Lobo gets especially possessive and protective of me at night) and the result was an even more upset Davy. Anyway, we got through it and today?

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