log: floor

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I lost yesterday. With about ten minutes to go in my 한국아 lecture, I suddenly came down ill. Felt like a flat wall of nausea. Went to the bathroom and vomited. Then felt like I had a hangover for the rest of the day. No idea what that was or was caused by. 아내가 had a similar thing at work last week so I figure it was a bug rather than a side effect of stress or my diet of caffeine, nicotine, and ice-cream. Just one of those free floating things.

But it laid me the fuck out.

I did manage to meet with a classmate after class to practice our first dialogue for the midterm. I would have cancelled but, you know, fuck it. I’ve worked through plenty of hangovers in my day, I can do a short meeting. But, after that, I just hit the floor.

This is probably a sort of weird thing about me but I prefer to sleep on the floor. Always have. It’s a preference that I kind of rationalize with some pretty bizarre ideas. Like, I have the notion –a notion I don’t even really believe with my brain but my gut holds to– that beds are just a disgustingly decadent luxury that only soften a person. On some very basic level, beds just kind of revolt me. I often feel that way about comfort.

Another of my notions, and this one I wholeheartedly believe, is that bedrooms are a ridiculous waste of space. I don’t believe in bedrooms. Dedicating an entire room to sleeping when one can just roll out a mat, then roll it back up, and have a useful room again, just seems so incredibly wasteful. But, however strenuous my objections to bedrooms are, I understand that they and beds are probably here to stay. So, like, you know — I have my beliefs on this matter but am not going to waste a lot of time or breath trying to convert anyone. Not even 아내가, who is good enough to let me sleep on the floor some of the time.

And, if I’m sick, I don’t even want to see a bed.

So, yeah, didn’t get much done yesterday but I tend to work ahead just in case anything like this pops up, so that’s no big deal. I’m a bit behind my schedule but still on top of the school’s schedule. And I’m feeling better today so I did some math.

Been sort of a rough week or so. I mean, Toots died. Fucking Toots. I don’t usually care all that much when celebrities die. Honestly, I find the whole public mourning thing to be really distasteful. I’m just suspicious of the sincerity. It often feels like people are just using famous corpses as accessorizes. That’s just a feeling I have. My better nature doesn’t like to judge other people’s sincerity on these matters. So, I just sort of leave the whole thing alone.

But man . . .

Toots was probably my favorite singer for a longer period of time than just about anyone. I love his voice. Love so many of his songs. He is a root of a lot of music I like. Toots was a fucking giant. Sad to see him go.

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