log: heron

WORMDATE: L2: 3-388: 61-23,106

Although we remain at Level 2, cases have continued to decline and we are enjoying a stretch of days in double digits. If not for the upcoming 추석 holiday, a major harvest festival that sees millions of people moving around the country to visit their families and conduct various services to honor one’s ancestors, we’d probably already be seeing a relaxation of regulations. But 추석 is a massive holiday and it requires special attention.

Interestingly, The Korean Studies Institute has released documents showing that the ancestors themselves skipped this holiday during epidemics.

An excerpt from “Chogan Ilgi” (Diary of Chogan), Treasure No. 879 written from 1580 to 1584 by Joseon-era scholar Gwon Mun-hae of Yecheon, North Gyeongsang Province, documents on Feb. 15, 1582: “I felt sorry (for ancestors) that we cannot perform ancestral rites due to the epidemic.” Another diary entry from two days later reads, “My great-grandson began to suffer from measles,” hinting that the infectious disease broke out around the same time.

An entry in “Gyeam Illok” (Diary of Gyeam), written by another scholar Kim Yeong from Andong, North Gyeongsang Province, reads, “We stopped ancestral rites on Dano (a traditional holiday that falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar) due to the epidemic,” dated May 5, 1609. In a May 1 journal entry, Kim wrote “An outbreak of measles is very near,” suggesting he canceled the Dano rites to prevent the spread of the disease.

In “Hawa illok,” written by Ryu Eui-mok of the Pungsan Ryu clan based in Hahoe Village in North Gyeongsang Province, an entry on Aug. 14, 1798 notes that the villagers discussed and concluded not to perform rites on Chuseok due to a smallpox outbreak in the village.

Kim Du-heum wrote in his “Illok” on March 5, 1851, that he could not perform ceremonial rites due to smallpox running rampant in the country.

It makes sense. One way to get a lot of descendants is to avoid being a moron. Though, another way is to be a total moron. Either way, the more things change . . .

I managed to get out of the house for a bit today. Nothing all that special. I had to pick up some nicotine and I swung by the market as I did so. Then I needed to go to Emart to grab some pencils and legal pads because I am flying through these things. I haven’t been in Emart in ages. I’ve been there once (can’t remember why – but I think it was to grab something else for school) since the pandemic began. No, it was a clock. I had to replace a clock.

That clock thing is a long story in and of itself.

On the way there, I saw a heron.

왜가리씨는 강에서 해물이 사냥어요. 저는 시장에서 해물이 사냥어요.

But, more often than not, 저는 PICKME에서 아이스크림가 사냥어요.

Anyway, mood is a bit better. Bit overwhelmed with school tho. Going to cook. And I better get a start on that.

The other night I made 해물 파전.

It turned out pretty well.

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