log: new frames, new phone

WORMDATE: L2: 61 -23,516 

Out and about with 아내 yesterday. Had to pick up a couple of things. A new phone and a new pair of glasses. Not really eager to get either but had to get both.

With the phone, it’s a bit complicated. I haven’t had a phone number since we moved here. Not the first time I’ve lacked one. This is pretty much a thing I do – if I don’t need a phone number, I just don’t get one, and I hardly ever need a phone number. But it is 2020 and life in a metropolis without a phone number is getting more and more difficult. I don’t need a number but it seems like just about everyone and everything needs me to have one.

As a foreigner, getting one takes a few steps. You can’t, for example, just get a sim card for a foreign phone here. You have to get a phone. Also, there can be some reluctance to issue a phone and contract. You could just leave the country and fuck off on your bills. Not that anyone would ever do such a thing. (Hi Rogers and fu btw.) So it’s easier to get a phone if you have just gotten your ID card. At least this is my understanding. Could be wrong. 전 어디서 배윘어요? 인터넷 블로그에서요. So, you know . . . I don’t.

It did take a long time and a lot of paperwork. I ended up getting an LG Velvet. The good news is that these phones are less than half the price that they are in the states and hilariously cheaper than they are in Canada. Thing ended up running me less than 300,000 won, which is about 250USD. It took a while though, which is unusual. Like, hours. Almost nothing here takes hours. An example is the glasses.

That floor needs swept. Add that to today’s list.

Our original plan was to get the phone then swing by the glasses shop. (It’s on the way to the bus stop.) But since we had to wait for the phone to arrive, we decided to head over there while we waited. That whole thing, eye test to having a new pair of glasses, including the time it took me to select a new pair of frames, took about 20 minutes.

In the states, this shit takes ages. It’s all outsourced. You get your test, they send off for the lenses and a ten minute job takes over a week. High speed is what? Under an hour? This shop just did it all on site, gave us a cup of tea while we “waited”, through in some free upgrades, and it was all really cheap. Had I got the lenses in my old frames, it would have been about forty bucks. I got new frames, so you know, things escalate.

I wasn’t even going to get frames. I’ve had the same pair since 2012. And, well, they’re showing it. As they should. They’ve been through some shit.

But I don’t like getting new frames. It’s nerve-wracking. It’s like getting a new face. And the damn fashions are always changing. I ended up with a pair very similar in shape to the gray pair I had when I first moved to the states. Black, this time though.

And the lenses are great. I can see again — was really starting to have some trouble with small text. While we waited for the phone, I hit up a batting cage in my new glasses and, well, the proof was in the pudding. I knocked the shit out of some balls!

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