Lost and Found Wallet

So, being a 바보, I left my wallet on the bus. No idea what to do about this, I called Wife so she could ask one of her Korean co-teachers what to do. Wife told me to call 112. I’m like – are you sure? She’s like yeah.

Turns out 112 is 911.

Okay, so now I’m a foreigner who has called 911 about losing their wallet. I do what any sensible person would do. I treat my phone like a hot potato and hang the fuck up. The police text me in Korean. I start packing my bags.

Wife is like – don’t call that number.

I’m like – too late, meet you in Mexico by the old tree in the town square.

The police call me. I answer. Maybe this can be straightened away. They have provided someone who speaks English. I told them what happened and not to worry about it. They’re on their way over to help me find my wallet. I should meet them outside.

Meanwhile, Wife’s co-worker has called public transit, spoken to the driver, and he has found my wallet and will drop it off to me at the bus-stop when he passes back there in 15 minutes. So I’m like, fuck the police, I gotta keep that appointment.

I gotta run down the street to meet that bus and I do. Guy gives me my wallet, all the money and everything still in it.

My hero arrives.

I missed a call from the cops while I was running. I call them back. They’re already at my place. A TEN MINUTE RESPONSE TIME! JUST TO HELP ME FIND MY WALLET! I’m like, I got it, it’s cool, thanks. And they’re like – that’s great to hear! Do you know how to find your wallet if you lose it on the bus? And I’m like, yeah, now I do.

And they were just happy to help.

So, like ACAB and all but I thanked a cop today, if you can fucking believe it. But what the hell? That’s kinda how police should be. Unarmed and helpful. But the bus driver is my fucking hero. And I bought a bunch of ice cream for Wife’s co-teachers and dropped it off.

Fucking hell, it’s nice to live in a society.

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