Needing to work on my moontan and feeling as though I may be suffering from a lunar deficiency, I took a short stroll around 달마지 late last night.

They’ve finished making the improvements to the general moon viewing area. There’s new benches and some sort of art thing there now. You can go inside of it.

Moon and Mars.

The best view is still up on the platform, which overlooks the water.

Behind that platform, there’s a little walking path through the woods, lit up with lasers. It’s terribly magical and romantic. All that sort of thing. Moon beaming through flickering trees. You get tbe idea.

I’ve never been able to get any decent picture of it. Last night was no exception.

어내 took a blurry 사진 of me.

A pretty decent evening and, I’m sure, a better use of my time than watching the purely spectacular aspect of the American collapse.

When it comes to pornography, two geriatric men shouting at each other just doesn’t work for me. Maybe if they wore rubber masks, I could pretend to be interested. But I heard there wasn’t even a spanking.

Maybe the next one.

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