slow progress

More slow progress with my 수학. *rubs head* 수학 숙제 많어요 근데 시간 없요. 전 피로해요. 그리고 요즘 제가 다이어트 안 좋어요. 피자하고 아잇크림을 너무 먹어요. Still, finding the time to get out and 달을 보아요.

With the news being what it is and the moon being full, it’s also a good time to

Not that I believe in that sort of thing but, well, a few Hail Satans can’t hurt, can they? I mean, I’d even go to Jesus with this request but it doesn’t exactly seem like his area of expertise. He’s more of a forgive and forget sort. I’m not.

I imagine that there’s the usual calls for civility from the usual people. That’s fine. Their choice. I just hope the gleam from their halo doesn’t blind them. (Must be exhausting polishing it all the time.) But even that’s probably too much to hope for. I’m just going to enjoy this moment while it lasts. Right now, I just hope he’s scared. I hope he’s shitting himself. I hope he lives in terror.

Not going to bother making a case for that. I just don’t care. I passed into the “wouldn’t cross the street to piss on him if he was on fire” stage of our relationship some years ago. I’ll only (and happily) piss on him if I know it won’t help and could be sure he didn’t enjoy it. Not a fan!

At any rate, I’ve got to get back to my studies. Meanwhile 제가 어밤이 사진을있어요. And 수고하세요!

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