log: the fuck, Toronto?

wormdate: L2: 1-422: 73 – 24,091.

We’ve had our fifth day in a row with daily new cases back in double digits. We’re also through the 추석 holiday. Though testing is fast here, I imagine that it will take a little time to see what happened with all of that travel.

Spoke with a couple of Toronto friends and it sounds like Toronto is doing the full Florida. Opening casinos, reducing testing, and just getting a completely garbled gobbleygook of instruction from its leaders. Apparently, it’s hard to tell what’s going on in Ontario even if you live there. So you can probably imagine how difficult it is to tell from 부산.

I did make a passing attempt to get a general idea of the situation. I went to the CBC. They had a picture of a South Korean woman and her daughter in full PPE at Incheon airport on their front page. That’s just all sorts of fucked up. I can’t figure it out. Why?

Like, is it to pretend that this image shows the sort of impossible extremes that South Korea has gone to in fighting COVID? I can promise you, it’s not like that. We’re not all wandering around in full PPE. No one outside of doctors, nurses and the like is doing anything like that. That was a single wingnut in one of the world’s busiest airports. Why show her picture in the middle of your outbreak? What the fuck?

Aside from visually misrepresenting what is happening here, it just seems like the usual casual racism from Canada’s deeply WASP media apparatus. It’s the Canadian way of calling COVID “the China virus” without stooping to the vulgarity of actually saying that. The face of COVID must always be Asian. And look – she’s getting on an airplane! Is she coming to your town?

You want a face of COVID?

I still can’t believe Toronto elected this walking advertisement for middle aged lower back pain. I know things were bad with Rob Ford but I really thought I could count on a basic hatred of Fucking Rogers to keep John Tory out of the picture. John Tory is not the solution. He’s not a solution to anything ever. It’s goddamn amazing that he ever even managed to finally win an election, let alone an election in Toronto. How did that happen?

What the fuck happened to you, Toronto? Like, seriously. John fucking Tory? The Fucking Rogers guy? You voted for Corporate?

I mean, I hate Rob Ford as much as the next guy but at least that crackhead was the sort of low level, bumbling, rightwing street hustler I would expect Toronto to have a soft spot for. I lived through Mel Lastman, after all. Those guys are just The Toronto Sun in human form. Do you want that? No. But you can understand it. There is, at least some false whiff of the proletariat around those jerks. There’s some pizzazz. John Tory tho? The manager? The fuck? Who votes for the fucking manager? What the fuck happened to you, Toronto? One crackhead boss and you go running to Fucking Rogers?

And making it worse

Doug fucking Ford.

Rob Ford’s asshole older brother. The sort of man who would, in a reasonable timeline, have been arrested for picking up cases of Molsons for highschool students. This guy should be lurking half-drunk on the fringes of a Piggly Wiggly parking lot, blasting Cottoneye Joe from his Z-28, and stroking his ponytail. We would all be happier. But instead he’s the Premier of Ontario and in charge of a public health crisis. I wouldn’t put him in charge of a bag of weed. The bag would go missing!

Between John Tory, a man who manages to simultaneously look like both the before and after picture for erectile dysfunction, and Gordie Dougie here, you’ve got a bit of a mess on your hands.

And, no doubt, they’re going to be wagging their dolphin fingers at you and trying to blame you for whatever the fuck it is they think they’re doing. Don’t buy it.

Like, I don’t have solutions or whatever, and even if I did, fuck me if I’m going to type them out twenty minutes before I have to get to school, but I just want to say: Fuck these guys.

That’s all: Fuck these guys.

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