log: 오늘 날씨가 따뜻해요

wormdate: 1L: W1

With cases remaining in double digits after the two big holidays and seeming to trend in the right direction, we returned to Level 1 on 월요일. Level 1 is Daily Life Quarantine. It basically consists of basic hygiene (masks  handwashing, spacing, ventilation, disinfecting) and common sense. It means leaving the house after asking one’s self where their mask is rather than whether the trip is essential.

My understanding is that we’re going back to Level 1 a little ahead of the metrics. This is mainly in the interest of sustainability. Although, when given proper support, people are probably a lot more capable of dealing with these measures than some governments might imagine, it’s all still a bit of a fucking drag. It does wear. And this being a marathon, pacing remains important. It also seems that, instead of a mad rush to the doors when the levels change, we get a sort of cautious emergence that gradually becomes more careless. But that’s just my feeling on it. Just how it seems.

It’s nice to get back to Level 1.

Also seems like a lot of mask stalls have opened. So I restocked and even got a couple of those thingamajigs that let you hang the mask around your neck instead of putting it on a surface while you eat or drink. 요즘, these are quite the must-have fashion item. The kids are crazy about them. And they are very handy.

On another note, when throwing out your masks, make sure to cut the strings. I might be old fashioned but I really believe that if you’re going to strangle a bird, you should look it in the eye and strangle it with your bare hands. You should also eat the bird. Strangling birds you’ve never even met with strings is cowardly. So cut those strings. Spread the word. Teach the children.

I was knocked flat on my ass with a migraine for most of 토요일.

월요일에 시장을 갔어요. 날씨가 따뜻해요. Before heading out, I spent a lot of the morning practising saying that: 오늘 날씨가 따뜻해요. It means “the weather is warm today.” And if you think it’s hard to read or spell, well just try saying the shit!

I didn’t think I’d even get a chance to use it. My 오징아 lady was absent, another conversation with a 고등어 lady resulted in her asking after my wife and me trying to joke that, in my house, I’m the wife – so god only knows what I actually said there but I’m not under arrest or engaged so it can’t have been that bad. Things went pretty smoothly at the 고추 stand. But, all in all, I didn’t see anyone I was comfortable enough with to make a statement fraught with controversy as “warm today, eh?”

Then I saw my barber waving at me. A wecome sight! I crossed the street to try my new expression out. It went pretty well but she told me just to say “날씨가 좋어요.” That’s how it’s said, she said. “The weather is nice.” Simple. And then we talked about the weather for a while in a Korean/English hybrid thing. Which, honestly, I love. I really love when language is like that. Makes language feel alive. LA was great for this. Koreatown especially. It was one of my favorite things about LA.

Anyway, I got home, cooked.

Keep dreaming, you greedy beast.

And I had a math midterm. My whole fucking brain just totally collapsed about ten questions in. I somehow manged to escape with a 72%, which brought my overall mark down to 94%. So, like, I’m fine and all but that was a weird and frightening blank to draw.

I headed out today to get some 토마토s. Had a coffee. 날씨가 좋어요.

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