log: zap

Been fairly quiet around here lately. Been working on schoolwork. Past week or so, I’ve felt kind of behind. That might just be because there was a wrong date given for one of my math quizzes – making it look a week earlier than it actually is.

Been kind of hating ZOOM lately. In my 한국어 수업 it can be a bit of a nightmare. Everyone repeats back what they’ve been told. In person, that chorus of voices probably wouldn’t be a problem. On Zoom? Everyone is the same volume. So, like, two people speak and it drowns out the correct pronunciation from the teacher.

Still, I feel like I’m making progress. Though I am struggling a bit with the grammer from the last lesson, my struggles don’t feel insurmountable. It feels just like needing more practice with these new rules. Something about them gets me really turned around.

On the good news front, I made a purchase that has turned the tide against The Fucking Mosquitos.

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