it’s fucked up

Depressing situation in the USA. I don’t just mean in general but with that whole one of the president’s top men being like ‘we’re not even going to try to control this pandemic.’ That attitude is not exactly news, of course. This gross indifference has been clear for some time.

Even before the pandemic. It’s not as if they ever gave a shit about anything else that kills people. About medical bills or pollution or housing or guns or anything really. Not like public health or safety was ever even remotely on their radar. Not when they can steal the pennies off a corpse’s eyes. The guy was just saying what everyone knows. They don’t give a fuck. They’ve made it clear.

Still, it’s just demoralizing.

The dumbest part of it is the part where they act like controlling this thing is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Like, sure, it’s inconvenient and, yeah, it calls for a long overdue redistribution of wealth, but it’s not exactly impossible. I mean, just today:

And that gets frustrating. Because, I saw what East Asia did to buy The West time. Then I saw that time just squandered and The West turn around and blame East Asians. You hear some countries tell it and it’s like this relative success isn’t happening or it’s only happening because of some strange Confucian cultural magic that cannot possibly be replicated in The West. That’s such bullshit. A lot of South Korea’s disease control bureaucracy was based on the American CDC, for God’s sake. America has the knowledge. It could control this. It can be done. It’s not magic. It’s just fucking science.

And by science, I mean we have a good idea how this thing spreads. We know what needs to close and when it needs to close, and how it can reopen and all of that. Sure, there’s some variance and there will be some differences and some screw-ups but, in broad strokes, these are not mysteries. What the government needs to do to mitigate the economic fallout is not a mystery. It’s all a challenge. None of it is a mystery. There’s pamphlets and how-to guides.

In many cases, Americans wrote them!

The basic formula is still the same. Test, trace, and treat. Clear accurate communication. Shut what needs to be shut then open slow and safe and be ready to shut again. Make sure people can do the right thing and help them do it. Support each other. Act decent. Cushion the blow.

No one should go broke behind this virus. Not when some are making billions from it.

Just the government’s complete inability, its total unwillingness, to learn from anyone else or even their own nation’s experience is demoralizing. Because, like, a responsible public is one thing but the government and the bosses absolutely have to do their bit too – and a big part of the government’s part is making sure that businesses do their part.

You can’t just do fuck-all and let bosses run over everyone and then act like this is all on Bobby No-Mask. If your system has come to rely on 18 year olds, conspiracy theorists, and assorted delinquents acting heroically responsible, you’re kinda fucked. That won’t work. It just won’t.

I mean, Jesus Christ, ask anyone who has ever lived in a punk-house. Bobby No-Mask just isn’t going to up and do the dishes. I wish he would. We all wish we would. But he won’t.

That doesn’t mean the dishes don’t need doing. They need doing. They’re dishes.

And, at this point —at any point really— my hat goes off to anyone and everyone who is, without the support of their society, still doing anything they can. It does make a difference. That’s hard to see.

It shouldn’t be so hard.

I feel funny even mentioning this but, like, okay . . .

Got a friend from Toronto who is in Seoul. Serious family problem. Rough time. None of your business. Goes through the quarantine and is out now. Out and about taking pics and whathaveyou. You’d think a thing like that might make me irate or jealous or something. Like WHY IS HE OUT DOING THESE THINGS WHEN WE HAD TO STAY AT HOME and so on and so forth. To be honest, that’s about what I’d expect from me. I have a bit of a dim view on myself. Can be a bit of a petty bitch, you know? But I don’t feel like that at all. I feel the opposite. I’m so happy for him.

I know, right? I’m surprised too!

Like, seeing him snd his family out and about, able to wring whatever enjoyment they can out of this trip makes me feel good. It makes me proud that we were able to get to a spot where that can happen. I don’t give a fuck about whatever I had to give up to make that possible. That’s what we were giving it up for.

An early motto here and a great one, I think, was: I’m okay, you first. I’m okay. I can give up something so someone else who needs it more can have it. It’s fine.

More than feeling happy for him, I even want to thank him for going out. (Can’t think of a way to do that within acceptable bounds of weirdness but, uh, if he somehow happens to read this shit – Thanks!) Seeing his kids out makes so much of this feel worthwhile. It needs to feel worthwhile. And sometimes you need to see that it is worthwhile.

It just seems a tragedy that so many people will never get that feeling. That their leadership and society has put them in a spot where they’re all supposed to be angry and judgemental of each other all the time. Without the support of government that’s all you have left. Blame each other. Become cannibals. People in that spot don’t get to see the reward.

The reward isn’t just what you get to enjoy. The real reward is seeing someone else enjoying it. And you don’t get that feeling –I never would have gotten that feeling– without leadership doing their bit too. Without that, I probably would have given up.

Don’t give up.

Easy for me to say.

It’s just fucked tho. I feel like these criminals in leadership, this collection of grifters, fascists, and gormless incompetents, is stealing things people didn’t even know they could have. It’s fucked up.

That’s all. It’s not surprising. It’s fucked up is all. Really fucked up.

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