thousand yards

A lot of people are pretty stressed today. I don’t blame them but I’m not really one of them. My mood is more thousand yard stare. Is there an emoji for that? A react?

Electoral politics are probably the politics I find least interesting. But I do have a few thoughts and feelings on this still ongoing election. None of them are stress. Not really.

Firstly, I’m disappointed. I wanted a total Biden landslide. And it’s not because I love Joe Biden. Like, I voted for him, but I have serious doubts about him. Not one of those doubts involves him being worse or even the same as Trump. Biden is insufficient. That’s pretty damn different from being a homicidal maniac. I’ll take insufficient. But, you can’t expect me to be happy about insufficient either. I’ll eat my broccoli. Don’t expect a hand-job.

Whatever my feelings on Biden, I would have very much liked to see a complete rout of Trump. That seemed out the window the moment Florida was lost. It’s all too close.

There’s tens of millions of Americans –almost half of the voting public– who woke up, went out, lined up, filled out papers, just to rehire Trump. Like, being indifferent to Trump is fucked up enough. But these are people, millions of people, who went out of their way to vote for him. They took the time. That’s astounding without being surprising. Just how bad of a job do you need to do before these motherfuckers just shrug and stay home?

Like, honestly, just how big of a fuck-up does a republican president have to be?

I mean, Jesus, the republican party should be demolished right now. You should be seeing some new right wing party showing up to take their place. And that whole country should be as resoundingly and quickly blue as Cali.

It sure is not!

This outcome, much like America’s basic inability to count votes or even hold fair and free elections and the gormless never-ending bend-over-backwards appeasement of fascism by the democrats, stuns and disappoints me. But in a very normal sort of way.

A lot of people find their minds turning to Bush versus Gore. I keep thinking of Bush versus Kerry. At that time, Bush had presided over an already disastrous and totally unnecessary war, seen the largest terrorist attack in history happen on his watch, attacked civil liberties, had Abu Gharib under his belt, and done a bunch of shit that I’ve probably forgotten. More than enough to get someone voted out in a sane world and brought up on war crimes charges in a just one. Yet he was reelected. This is the era of the great feeling of unity that many Americans now look back on with nostalgia. A unity that lead straight to mass murder.

I have the same feeling now that I had then. That same feeling of: Just how fucking thick are these people? How racist, callous and full of hate? Just how fucked up is this huge swath of the American public? The answer: Very. Very fucked up. So very, very fucked up.

It’s terrible but stressful? It’s been stressful for years. It’s chronic. Room temperature stress.

It’s just not the sort of thing that any one election can fix.

And, if you view the election as more of a measure of where a country is, this outcome isn’t really providing any new data. It’s a deeply divided nation. America is fucked up. It’s an incredibly racist and angry country. The shit is rotten right to the bones. About half of the voting public actually took time out of their day to vote FOR Trump. And they would vote for worse if they only had the chance. He’s just the worst idea they have for now. They’re out there, scrounging around for even worse ideas. They’ll find them too. Bank on that.

Whatever the outcome of any election, the presence and power of these dopes is going to be an ongoing and destructive problem. Their fascistic credulity is a cancer. It’s not getting better. It’s getting worse. Every single day, it’s getting worse. They’re not fading away.

This basic unwillingness to learn is The Fucking Undoing. You have to learn. It’s fundamental. And this unwillingness isn’t limited to these goofs. Just watching the results come on CNN, it’s absolutely amazing just how similar the coverage is to the last election. It’s all still covered like a sporting event. That’s just not the way to do it.

We still don’t know how this mess will play out in the next few weeks. So far, we’re looking at, if not the worst case scenario, then a still very bad case scenario. It’s also an almost totally predicted scenario. Indeed, watching Trump lurch onto the stage in the dead of the night to declare victory, and thinking about where the manufactured controversies are emerging, I was surprised by the groundwork he’s laid for this most recent assault on democracy. It’s almost surgical. A stunning amount of pre-meditation. We all see him coming. No surprises. This talking bag of piss knows what he’s doing.

Even if this was off-the-cuff, we’d still be left with a bad situation. A close election in a country that has a really hard time throwing elections, and a self-proclaimed president with the backing of violent paramilitaries. Seeing that wall around The White House tells me everything I need to know about Trump’s intentions. A person who plans on moving out doesn’t build a giant wall. A giant wall is a thing you build to keep people from coming in. As far as omens go, it’s not great. This could all get very ugly. It already is too ugly. It’s already too fucked up. It has been for a very long time. An exhausting length of time.

The election could turn into lawyer-ball. It probably will. That may favor the republicans but the more states Biden is able to bag, the harder of a time they’ll have of it. Of course, nothing would surprise me on that front. Given the complete failure of institutions to contain Trump, I would not place much faith in the courts or any other institution or procedure to stop him now. He might also just fuck off in the dead of the night to hide out in some weird country. I doubt it but it wouldn’t surprise me. Not much would.

But these sorts of projections? I just don’t know. And smarter people than me are probably better positioned to worry about all of this than I am. I’m sure that there’s an abundance of articles discussing the technicalities of these matters. I’m not sure any of that will matter. Far as I know, the electoral college isn’t even obligated to listen to the voters. And no one seems to know who any of these fuckers are, so, that’s still a thing that could go wrong . . .

Overall, it seems to me that nothing has much changed. America has had a dictator for four years. What it hasn’t had, yet, is a serious attempt to remove him from office. And getting a guy like this out will require a serious attempt. It needs people in the street and off the job. I doubt we’ll even see enough of that. I’m hoping to be surprised. There needs to be lines set.

One of them was crossed last night. When Trump declared victory and said he did not respect the results of the election before those results were even in, he crossed a line. That statement alone should have put a general strike on the table. That should have hit the table when he first started saying these things and probably before that. This should all be further along than it is. People have had four years to prepare. More time to prepare for this specific situation in the last few weeks. I hope that preparation wasn’t just based on winning an election or turning the shit over to the courts and lawyers. Some things need to happen on the ground and in the streets. People need to be ready to shut the country down.

The results, their very closeness and the basic intransigence of Trump and his supporters, doesn’t give me a lot of hope for that sort of action. But, hope or not, there does come a time, and we may well be there, we have probably been there for a while, when going about life as normal is collaboration with the regime. It should be viewed as such.

It’s a mess right now. But, no matter what happens, I think we all knew that we weren’t going to get through Donald Fucking Trump with things looking better than they did when he started. So, yeah, I’m pissed off, disappointed, disgusted, and irate.

But stressed? Not so much.

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