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Back to planet Earth for what, I’m sure, will be a brief visit.

One of the nicest things about the election count being over is being able to return to basically legitimate news sources. A lot of the news here is very much like TVO’s The Agenda and I love that shit. Bring on professors, ask them good questions, listen to the answers. I like that. It works.

Televised American news is a nightmare. Just the confidence with which pundits relay opinion as facts and facts as self-evident insights, all in a concerted attempt to learn the exact wrong lessons from any given situation is shocking.

A highlight reel from the past week’s viewing titled “What the Fuck?” now plays on an endless loop in some shit cinema on the edge of my brain. I need that cinema to go bankrupt and shut down. I need it dark and quiet.

Parts of its Ringu like horrorshow include, seeing voters called back in Nevada to confirm their signatures so that their votes might be counted and this act of supression being held up as an example of the system working. People who had to work so hard, change so much, and endure such long waits being held up as a success of the world’s greatest democracy. A man being mocked as a show-off for using a large word by the muscular anchorman. A bunch of other fleeting details that just make me shudder. The Magic Wall. Not magic and not a wall.

And just to step back from it for a moment . . .

To think, an election Biden won by several million votes came down to a few tens of thousands of votes in some of the most oppressive regions in the entire country. That’s a lot of things, it’s not the victory of democracy.

It’s almost enough to make me have some sympathy for those who claim it was a fraud. In a very real way, it was. But it was a fraud in their fucking favor that they still lost. So fuck em. Their confusion on this matter is disingenuous horseshit.

But one of the most disturbing things, to me at least, is that I’m not sure Elizabeth Warren could have won this thing.

Now, don’t get it twisted. I don’t, for one second think the progressive agenda hurt the Democrats. I also think the party’s catering to Republicans and trying to sideline the very people who won this for them is not only a huge, politically suicidal fuck-you to the future, but also really badly intentioned. Much of the Democratic Party suffers from some weird daddy issue with the Republicans. They really want Republican approval and want to be like just them and loved by them. They want a fucking pat on the head from Ward Cleaver. They really seem to think the Republicans are the real respectable grownups and just cater so much of their shit to winning the affection of these emotionally distant, narcissistic abusers. So fast to write it off when the old man comes home drunk and gets out the whipping belt. Most the time, when your centrist Dems are talking about Republicans, all I hear is “love me, daddy; love me, daddy.” It’s a little gross. I wish they’d find some other way to work on their shit. Politics is not the place.

But back to Warren. What worries me is that she might not have won. Mainly because she is a woman. And when I compare how much more competent she is than Trump, well . . . That shit frightens me. Of course, no one knows how it would have went but if things are really that deranged, we are in serious shit.

Not just because of the misogyny, though that garbage is much more than enough. But also because the skills needed to write good policy and be a good leader might actually and often be opposed to the skills needed to win an American election. That’s just no good. It selects for bad or worse. It won’t work out.

I’m also bothered by the whole idea that I, in voting for Biden, voted for peace, unity with monsters, and forgive and forget. I did not vote to end the fight. I voted to start fighting back. I voted to fight and to win. I have no interest in peace with racists and fascists. They want peace? They can fucking surrender.

But, back to planet Earth . . .

I visited my tailor today. Having a shirt made. Also, she’s trying to improve her English. So now I have a regular speaking partner. Her English is maybe just slightly better than my Korean so it was really pretty good that we could converse at all. It is a bit of a game of charades though.

And my wife sent me this pic from work.

Basically, a sext.

I need to find a way to get this stuff. It’s government issued bleach water. And if you know me, you know that government issued bleach water runs through my veins. My heart beats government issued bleach water. I have never wanted anything so badly in my life as I want this government issued bleach water. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted! In a bottle! A spray bottle!

God, I want to sniff that bottle.

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