log: stick to the plan

WORMDATE: L1: 146-27,799: 2-487

어제, 제 재단사 만났어요. 셔츠를 사게요. 셔츠를 싸지만 좋어요. 좋어애요!  오늘, 시장 갔어요. 전 떡복이 먹있어요. 맛있어요

하지만 . . .

코로나 is still out there. We had a few alerts about cases in the neighborhood today. And, today, the nation clocked in at 146 new cases, which is a three week high.

The government has recently switched to a new five level alert system. It’s supposed to be a bit more nuanced and locally targeted than the previous three level system, which rapidly went to a nationwide alert status. We’re still at level one here but that can change. It can always change.

There also seems to be some good news on the vaccine front. I try not to think too much about that front. My attitude is that it’s just too far above my paygrade. All I need to do is follow the rules. If and when there’s a vaccine, I assume someone will let me know where to get one. Until then, I’m just not going to stress that part of it. That’s someone else’s job. Mine, yours, ours is hard enough. Stick to the plan!

As for now, the attitude of our public health authorities is cautious optimism. They note that this news is very good news but also that a phase three interim result is still early going. They also note that, in many countries, there is an understandable eagerness to believe in this vaccine but one still needs to be cautious. All in all, they seem to think the second half of next year is a realistic target. So, for now, good news but it doesn’t change anything. Stick to the plan!

Had some real trouble sleeping the past few days. Election stress? I don’t know. Whatever it is, before I close my eyes, that weird half conscious state between waking and dreams, is abso-fucking-lutely insisting on taking me on a tour of ancient fucking Rome. I just cannot get Pompey out of my head. Not Pompeo but Pompey Magnus. Pompey the Great.

The thing about Pompey Magnus was, not only did he have, at almost every point, vastly superior forces, he did everything by the book. He did everything right. It was all correct. Legally, he was correct. Traditionally, he was correct. Strategically? Totally perfectly correct. He really only made one mistake: He did not understand that the rules had changed.

That mistake cost Rome the republic and it cost him his life.

Playing by dead rules is not a good mistake to make. It’s a huge mistake. It’s also a mistake that you can make again and again. God knows, Pompey kept making it. He just kept making that mistake. Part of it is, every time you make that mistake, it almost forces you to make it again. It hedges you in. It hedges you in and it fucks you up.

But that was all a very long time ago. 2016 was not.

I guess, all I’m saying is, the rules have changed. Take this shit that Trump is doing seriously. A thing can both be ludicrous and dangerous. It can both be totally absurd and outnumbered, and without a leg to stand on, and it can still be a real threat — a threat that can’t be joked away. That can’t be proper procedured away. A threat that can win. It might and it might not but IT CAN. It has to be treated like it can.

We’ve learned that much, right? Please tell me that we’ve learned at least that fucking much.

But, if you take the threat seriously, take the motherfucker at his word, and treat it with seriousness, it can be stopped. If you don’t do that, you’re depending on . . . What? That he self-destructs? That some moral conscience is awoken in his supporters? It won’t happen.

So yeah, that stresses me out. Has me jerking awake asking questions like — Who are the generals loyal to? We know who the cops are loyal too but who or what are the generals loyal to? What happens if he starts making fucking arrests of opponents? That can happen.

Indeed, that tends to be WHAT happens.

That’s what’s keeping me up. But it’s more the feeling that this is some sort of repeat of 2016, with the liberals making the exact same error. They think it’s absurd. They’re right. But its absurdity does not mean that it is a joke. It is a serious and unstable situation. They’re pointing at numbers and evidence and institutions and norms. You think they might have learned. Those just don’t have much currency at the moment.

Seeing the same mistakes made again. The same gloating smugness. That same, it can’t happen here attitude. That worries me. This requires vigilance, Mr. Worf!

This can be stopped if you fight it. But you have to fight it. It does not stop itself.

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