log: catwalk

With finals coming up, it’s looking to be pretty busy around here. I have one chapter left in this Korean class plus my final assignment and one chapter left in math before my final exam. So far, I’m getting As in both. That last math section was some work though. Came to about 200 homework questions.

So, yeah . . . I’ve been face down in quadratic equations. If you ever need someone to help you calculate the original dimensions of a rectangle that has become a square when 3 meters has been added to its width or if you would like to know when two ships leaving the same port at different speeds in two different directions will have ten kilometers difference in the distance they have travelled and what their speeds are, if you ever need that calculated, please ask someone else! For the love of Satan ask someone else! I go to sleep muttering ax to the power of two plus bx plus c equals zero and wake in the dead of night shouting “THE ZERO PROPERTY MUST BE APPLIED!” On the bright side, I think I see and understand what antimatter is now. Too bad that’s not at all what’s being taught.

In other news, I’m pretty happy with how things are going with my little project over on Patreon. I think I even came up with a title type thing that I’m basically satisfied with.

I like the work I’m posting there. This is by no means a foregone conclusion — I never know how these things are going to turn out. So far, they’re feeling right. I think I should be able to do two new ones a week pretty easily and keep well ahead of that schedule. In addition, I might even start to recycle in some older ones. I don’t know how to explain this but when I first made the older ones, I had a sense that they were in orbit. They would have to orbit back around again in some form and this is probably where they’ll do that.

In a perfect world, I think I’d like to have an illustrator but I don’t think that can happen. Basically, there’s not enough money involved for me to pay one and I wouldn’t ask anyone to work for free. They’d also have to bring in their own people to subscribe and, at that point, if they can do that, what the fuck would they need me for anyway? The whole thing would just be too complicated.

And, honestly, that might be a little too precious. I sort of like these pieces being fast, disposable, and short. I want them more like a background radiation than an object.

But, yeah, so far, pretty happy with doing them and having a place to put them.

Went for a stroll around the neighborhood with Wife last night. Found a new little alley and made a new friend. A cat.

This is a thing that’s sort of difficult to explain but I think illustrative of something pretty important about life here — it shows a lot of what I love about South Korea. There’s a lot of stray cats but they’re not really stray. Like, they’re on the loose but not abandoned. It’s more like they’re community cats. People look after them. You’ll often see someone feeding one of these little creatures or stopping to pet them. There’s mysteriously maintained food and water bowls. I’ve even seen the same sort of set up for crows. Just talking straight out of my ass because I really have no idea but I feel like this must have something to do with a Buddhist influence. Just has that Buddhist feel to it, you know? That sort of basic but unobtrusive kindness to one’s fellow creatures.

This street was particularly well outfitted. A lot of food and water.

And, if you look at the above picture, you’ll note that there’s even a little cat-house and water bottles. So, if you notice the water bowl is empty, you can stop and give it a little refill. The cat thanks you. And you hang out for a while. This cat had been wounded and treated. The strange thing is, it may still be a stray. Just, if you see a hurt cat, you take it to the vet, look after it, and then let it go back on its catty way.

And this is the sort of relationship I like to have with cats. I love them but I don’t really seem them as pets. I’m not sure that they’re supposed to live indoors with humans. I think they’re better off wandering around, having a lot of different houses and humans, depending more on a general sort of respect and kindness than a system of adoption. I like to meet random cats, say hi, make a friend, walk for a while, and then separate. That’s how I like to know them. I like to be friends with cats, not to domesticate them.

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