log: 성격이 이상한

WORMDATE: L 1.5/2: 583-32,318: 2-515

Well, that’s not good. Today, we have a surge. 583 new cases. The most in quite some time. My phone is buzzing with alerts. 요즘 안좋어요. 코로나 존재은 힘들 살해요. The small clusters in daily life have led to larger outbreaks. In short, the shit is hitting the fan.

A lot of shit. A lot of fans.

Being in a position to do so, I try to stay a little ahead of the requirements so, right now, an increase in government levels won’t change too much about my daily life. Pretty much the only social fat on my days was the odd trip out. 하지만 요즘 전 아니 커페에 책 읽어요.

But I would not be surprised if the schools shut down again. One of the big problems . . . I’m not sure about using that word – “problem.” It’s more like a challenge. A big challenge is that the college entrance exams are due to take place on Dec. 3. These exams are a pretty big deal. They’re not the sort of thing that just gets cancelled. A bit like an election.

Education has been a top priority here since the start of the pandemic. Getting that system back up and running and keeping it running has long been one of the primary goals. (If you’re reading this from Toronto imagine that education is regarded as roughly as important as, oh, I don’t know, some shabby Etobicoke BBQ joint.) As such, we’re probably just going to have to muscle through a lot of restrictions to make these exams happen. After that, if we’re not seeing the right trends, another school shutdown seems likely. We’re already seeing outbreaks in schools. It’s not ideal. A bit of a mess.

At work, Wife now has to daily fill out a three question health survey on an app. And while I think apps can be helpful, the data gathered by them mainly indicate where and when closures need to happen. Shutdowns work. They suck but they work.

But, all that said, the communication has been solid. There’s been the sort of interdepartmental issues and cross-purposes that one can safely expect from any large or functional government. Even that problem seems to reaching some state of clarity. Overall, I feel pretty well informed about the situation, aware of the expectations, and capable of co-operation. Everything else being equal, that’s about the best you can expect.

On bit more of daily life level . . .

School is going well. Handed in my written draft of my oral exam for correction. It’s supposed to be an introduction. One of the weirdest things about trying to learn a new language is how it just totally obliviates your personality. Have a sense of humor? Now you don’t. That sort of thing. And, even weirder, even as your personality is more or less consigned to oblivion, it somehow becomes a lot more stark. That helpful gloss over your basic oddity is just stripped away. This means my introduction has me saying things along the lines of “I prefer the company of the dead to that of children because children are noisy and the dead are quiet.”

Like, it might be true but it’s also a little blunt.

In English, this is the sort of thing I can imply without ever actually having to say it out loud. In 한국어? Apparently, that’s the sort of shit I lead with. That’s how I explain my post-graduation career ambitions. Apparently, that’s the sort of information you’ll get within 15 sentences. 아마, 전 성격이 이상한에요. 어떡하지?

Math is also going well and I’m pretty satisfied with Interdimensional Puncture Wounds. Both as a project and in terms of finances. The response has been surprising. That there’s even been any response at all has been surprising. I just don’t know what to do with this feeling.

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