log: hungry hungry hippos

WORMDATE: L2: 631-37,546: 5-545

오늘은, 숙제하고 공보해요. And just playing the waiting game. Waiting to see if restrictions are going to be increased. Apparently, we’ll find out today. I suspect they will.

We’re at Level 2 here and cases are continuing to rise. We’re at levels unseen since March and there’s more cases in this area than there’s ever been.

There’s a few more things the government can and likely will do but, right now, a lot of it is coming down to public participation. It always does though. Not only is there only so much that can be regulated outside of a lockdown, any money spent on enforcement is money better spent elsewhere.

I’m hoping the schools don’t get shut down again. That would put my wife out of work and no work, no pay. But school closures also exacerbate gender inequalities. Just on a basic level, by forcing women to stay home, it means more decisions are being made by men and, uh, well . . .

But if that’s what has to be done, then that’s what has to be done, and the best thing is to do it early and thoroughly and just get it done. It’s an ugly choice but closing now means closing for a shorter period of time and it saves some lives. I say we just bite the fucking bullet. At the very least, it might take some weight off the healthcare workers.

It hasn’t been much of an issue here but I can’t wrap my head around people who put their desire to eat out or go clubbing above having open schools. Like, I don’t even like kids. I loathe them. I believe they are our future and I fear and distrust tomorrow. But the longer we can keep the children from turning into cannibal gangs, the better. And even I know that children are a priority in an emergency. It’s probably not my most woke opinion but, on any sinking ship, I believe in “women and children first.” At the very least, it provides some organization in a crisis.

Is that even a controversial view? I have no idea. The only people I’ve ever heard complain about such things are the sort of nerds who can’t understand feminism coexisting with their vague notion that they’re supposed to hold doors open for ladies. Brains turned to mush by this ridiculous binary, these dopes end up devolving into some sort of free range misogyny gentlemen. They tips hats and say things like “me lady” while treating women like objects. Worst of both worlds.

But what was I on about?

Oh yeah, we’re probably going to see an increase in restrictions today. And the other night I went out to buy some icecream from the untact icecream shop. Things were really quiet for a Friday night. Just me and an old man on the street, two vehicles, the sound of laughter, and a talkative cat.

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