log: done math for now

WORMDATE: L2-2.5: 682-40,098: 8-564

I wrote my math exam yesterday.

My brain did that thing where it just goes blank the second I hit “open quiz.” It’s a bit frustrating. When I was doing the homework, I could do harder versions of the test problems in my head. Palm to the floor, swear to Satan, a lot of the time I didn’t even need a calculator. Some things, particularly logarithms, I could just sort of see. But hit “open quiz”? And it’s gone. All gone. I have no idea why. It’s like I can sort of understand math while doing it but I can’t seem to retain it. Maybe that’s what studying is for. I wouldn’t know.

At any rate, I ended up getting 82% on the final and finishing the class with 91%. Mainly just happy to be through the thing. Now I just have to concentrate on my 한국어 oral and written exams and a few more assignments. Then I start the high-intensity, whole semester delivered in a month, winter-break classes.

For those, I’m taking Conversational Korean and Korean History. Combined with the other classes, I’ve taken, that will get me an elementary level Korean Language & Civilization Certificate of Achievement. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly what that even is but it’s recognized by the state of California as being something. For me, it’s both necessary and gravy? So, it’s gravy I guess? That sounds like gravy. After winter break, I have a stats class and then, assuming I pass that, I’ll have my AA in anthropology.

Then I’ll transfer to some other school and go after a BA.

I suppose that I’ll have to start thinking about what sort of anthro I’d like to do. It’s hard because I actually like it all. I’d probably prefer to be more into the biology side of things but I doubt my current situation will allow for lab time so I might have to get more into the cultural side. If I were to fantasize about a career in anthro, I’d probably like to be:

A) The dusty old professor, as played by Peter Cushing, who local teens consult when they accidentally summon an ancient evil in a local graveyard.

B) Night janitor at a museum.

C) I assume someone has to carry buckets of rocks and stuff on dig sites. I’d like to do that.

D) The grunt work involved in identifying victims of genocide from their remains and building evidence for bringing the perpetrators to justice.

As far as research interests go, I have a few. As in a few, I mean a notebook. I don’t really talk about it much here because it’s something I want to study, not talk about and I’m a bit paro about ideas being stolen before I even get a chance to dig in, but, speaking very broadly, I’d really like to study people who are really into Bigfoot. I’m also really interested in different cultural conceptions of health and the human body, and how these can, should, and do modify healthcare responses — and also how these conceptions of heath and body alter the practice and symbolism of genocides. (This interest is pre-covid, btw, it’s one of the reasons I chose anthropology as a major, not that you asked but still . . .)

Bunch of other shit too.

So, yeah, I’m going to have to start thinking about all that. But not today.

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