Interdimensional Puncture Wounds

Just got my first payment from Interdimensional Puncture Wounds, and it’s the first time I’ve been paid for writing anything in a really long time. Last time that happened, I think, it was a baseball thing written with Leigh Cowart aka @voraciousbrain. So, seriously, thank you. I feel like a criminal. (And I think Leigh has a science book about pain coming out sometime so you should probably go buy that.)

I hope you’re getting your money’s worth. On the bright side, I don’t really know any other place you can be kept up to date on the discovery of haunted film growing inside a child’s stomach, workplace raffles on the moon, ghost markets uncovered by stocktrading bots, and the selection of parasitic seaweeds lurking in Motel 6 restrooms.

So there’s that, I guess.

I feel pretty confident in my ability to keep up the two piece a week pace with one piece a month from the first launch cycling back into view. If I could do this long enough, I’d like for it to all to become some sort of automated decaying and mutating organism.

Mainly, it just feels like a good fit. Feels right to write something built for internet.

It’s like, I guess I could post novels or whatever but those feel like paper forms to me. I don’t even fuck with e-readers. Nothing against them in principle, I just like paper books. And if my novels can’t be published the old fashioned way and on paper, I’m not really into throwing them online. It’s just not how I write them or where they belong.

These pieces are sort of b-movie, zine trash, type shit, and I don’t want gussy them up with a fucking plot or suspense. I just want to let them be them.

So this all feels like some sort of fit and it’s nice to see some money for a change. It’s been a while.

So thanks.

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