log: DOOM

WORMDATE: L2-2.5: 870-66,688: 19-1,046

First week of winter sessions and I’m a bit buried beneath schoolwork. This history of Korean civilization class is not fucking around. Week one is 26 modules, six chapters of the text book, write 33 slides with 5-7 points about each term on each. There’s also independent research required. 수업이 힘들지만 좋어애요. 전 너무 이상한 사람이에요.

It’s just nice to have a class that was online before the pandemic and was designed to be online instead of the zoom-based, ramshackle nightmares that we’ve had so far.

My main problem is figuring out how the fuck to make slides. I have lived a life lacking slideshows. That was not an accident. I don’t like the things. Never have.

My other class, conversational Korean, uses zoom but this professor has taken to the online thing like a fish to water. I also had her for Korean 1 and am happy to have her again. There’s a lot of work but the lectures are really engaging and interactive, we get to speak to her and to each other, and we really get a lot of practice in. I don’t want to knock my other prof but I feel like I’ve gotten more out of one week in this than I did all of last semester.

So, yeah, busy. Not sure if I should even be taking the time to write this thing. Not sure that I have time to spare. But, oh well, fuck it, I guess.

On the 코로나19 front, we’re seeing a downward trend in our numbers. Dipping below 1000 cases a day. Deeper dips, longer dips. Knock on wood. Whatever is being done seems to be working. But, honestly, with this thing, it feels like once you’re at 20-30 new daily cases, you’ve entered The Unpredictable Lands. At 870 today, we’re hardly out of the woods.

My first piece of news of the year, first thing I woke up to on Jan 1 2021 was the death of MF DOOM.

A lot has been written about his influence, flow, and ability as a lyricist, and yeah, no doubt, the man had some incredible fucking skills on those fronts. I don’t have much to add to that conversation. I don’t think many people do – lines like “there’s four sides to every story, if these walls could talk, they’d probably still ignore me” speak for themselves.

But, what I think gets overlooked about DOOM is how much heart his music has. Just how much feeling is in it. Just what a dirty dark dive bar –sort of place I spent most of my life– feeling he can impart. He’s not some clever novelty act, you know? He was real.

Like, that metal mask might be funny but that mask was no joke. That metal mask had meaning. If you know, you know.

I don’t know what to say about it. In some of the worst parts of my life, MF DOOM picked me up, threw me on his back, and fucking carried me. I don’t know what to say about that. What do you say about a person you’ve never met but has done that for you? A person who never even knew they did that? What the fuck do you say? Thank you, I guess. I don’t believe in an afterlife, but if there is one, thank you, DOOM. Never knew him, fucking miss him tho.

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