chewing bone

I’m sure that the meat has already been picked off the election’s bones and the bones chewed down to their marrow. That marrow examined in sub-atomic detail. The corpse dissected and fed upon. Divinations conducted. The standing carcass of the next four years prescribed the recommended courses of action, proper dosages, and had its autopsy performed by forensic psychometrists. I’m sure that’s all already happened.

So I don’t know what I have to add or why I would bother adding it. Basic inability to keep my mouth shut, I guess. I didn’t even watch the inauguration. Had shit to do. And, at the best of times, I have a limited tolerance for Americans slapping themselves on the back.

I’m pretty sure that I have the same sort of feelings on this that a lot of people have. On one hand, Biden is probably totally incapable of making the sort of changes that he will need make to help America –that is, if he even really wants to, which is an open question– but, on the other, at least he’s not a talking bag of piss. Just about whatever he does is going to be a massive improvement over what we just had. A massive immediate improvement.

So while I have little patience for the whole “let’s get back to normal” or “shit is great now” or “America is back” or “politics is boring again” thing, I also have little patience for the “both sides are just as bad” angle. It’s like, yes, we know. But here’s something else I know:

A lot of people talking that “both sides are just as bad” thing now won’t be further left in four years. They’ll be libertarians or republicans or just the sort of idiot nihilists who do it for the lols. Some will probably go further left, some will probably shake out into one of those weird styles of American anarchism, which is often de facto indistinguishable from libertarianism, and some will probably gravitate towards centrism or apathy, which is basically the same thing, but a lot of these people? Keep an eye on them. They’re going to need their fucking hands held. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. And always watch out for white men shouting “WAKE UP!” Even if they’re right, they’re still, you know . . . White men.

But also – fuck those people who think any criticism of the democrats is an endorsement of the republicans. Governments are supposed to criticized. It’s not a team sport.

The thing to watch out for now is the normalization. At the end of the next four years, maybe at the end of the first, we’ll have a much better idea of what parts of this fascist project have been normalized than we currently do. What problems we have next will, in part, depend on that. Right now, I doubt anyone knows just what shit is sticking to the wall. We’ll see.

I’ve also seen some talk about people losing faith in Q. I suppose that I’m a bit more pessimistic about this development than many. A lot of people believe that people are led into these wild theories because they are too trusting. They believe everything they read. They must. But I think people end up believing these things because they have no trust. It’s feral skepticism. Conspiracy theories are always based on “DON’T BELIEVE.”

So, sure, a lot of people have probably lost faith in that particular collection of conspiracy theories. But will their next step be trusting and rejoining society? I fucking doubt it. To me, it just means that now they don’t even trust Q. The distrust that led them there has deepened.

The root problem has not gotten better. If anything, it’s gotten worse.

I suppose one can hope that some people are just bored of that game and looking for an out and now they have one, and that others may be convinced by evidence, and some can be led back to sense and decency. One can always hope. Meanwhile, some fucking accountability would be nice. There can’t and won’t be healing until then. Maybe never.

As far as the whole thing goes, I suppose my whole mixed feeling is — it can always be worse but, right now, it’s not. And it’s not like life just hands you shit to be happy about one after the other. So, if you’re happy about Trump being out, be fucking happy about it. But not for too long. Because no one should be congratulated about what has happened and is still happening in America. No one has earned the right to feel good about any of it. It’s a fucking mess and it will be for a long time. A lot of people are dead and the dying nowhere near over. There’s a lot to do. Like, a lot. None of it fun, easy, or anything to be happy about.

Some national humility and accountability would go a long way.

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