log: happy new year

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First of all, 새해 복 많이 받으세요. Happy new year. Although I lived in a Chinese hostel next to Chinatown for a number of years in TO, I’m not that familiar with the Lunar New Year. It was just a thing that happened. And I’m still not that familiar with it. I’m just sort of absorbing ambient information rather than seeking it out. Holidays – I never have much to do with them.

My understanding is that, basically, it’s the first new moon of year and runs in twelve year cycles. Each year is named after a critter. Their position is based on where they finished in a mythological race. My animal, the horse, put in a surprisingly bad showing. It got spooked by a graveyard or some such thing and stopped running. Finally, it got over its fear, and used its great speed to avoid a last place finish. The ox, whose year it is, pretty much won the race due to being good in all terrain, but kind of got screwed by the rat at the end. I guess he’d given the rat a ride and the ungrateful rat jumped off him to finish first.

And then there’s the story of Nian.

The monster’s name Nian is a homophone of “year” and the Chinese name of the new year’s festival translates to something like defeating/overcoming Nian. So it’s kinda like ‘overcoming the monster “Year.”‘ One suspects that sometime a very long time ago, some ancient Chinese villagers had a 2020 of their own. So let’s overcome 년!

I plan on scaring 년 right out of my face with red LED lights.

I don’t have much of an opinion on beauty treatments and, generally, don’t do much of anything on that front. I don’t have a regimen, you know? I could say this is due to some lack of vanity but, well, who exactly do you think you’re speaking with? I like vanity. Vanity is fine. People can get too deep.

My point of view on this stuff is I like a good appearance but it is, at the end of the day, only appearance. Beauty and all that is fine – problem is when people think it means more than it does. A person can be both beautiful and horrendous. Ugly as a fish but a great person. Beauty is great but it’s kind of meaningless. The more meaningless it is, the better I like it. As long as your stay superficial about beauty, beauty is fine. So hit me with that vanity.

전 죄의 삶을 산아요.

I do use the odd facemask at random and rare intervals. Not sure if they actually do anything but they feel nice and are pretty relaxing — even if the last one I used gave me a temporary and hilarious sunburn. (Note to self – expiry dates might sometimes mean something.) Overall though, I’m not wild on potions and lotions. Don’t much care for the odors and I don’t like the greasy feel of them. Basically, I use a scrub brush and Dr. Bronner’s, if you must know. I fucking love that soap. And it even smells good.

But now I have a face regimen. Because a mask that looks like a robot and promises better living through electricity? Shoot that shit straight into my veins. 우리는 로봇이어.

And an odd note about this mask. It arrived with a “beauty bar.” Not to put too fine a point on it but this beauty bar is a vibrator. Like, it is definitely a vibrator. I know a vibrator when I see one and anyone who saw this thing would know it was a vibrator. I’m very happy about this free accessory. Crypto-sexuality is my favorite type of sexuality. Adds a bit of fun and mystique. And things like this happen. I mean, I lived in LA, which is probably one of the most sexually frank places on the planet, and I never had a free vibrator arrive in the mail.

Anyway, the results seem good. About a week in, my skin feels different.

And, man, a lot of these photos are in my underclothes and long-johns. Sorry about that. This is a thing I do in winter. I wear my long-johns pretty much all the time and then, when I need to go out, just chuck one of my banging around suits on over them. I really love long-johns. I missed them in Cali. This sort of behavior tends to peak, well, about now. I’ll try to get it together.

Aside from all this, I had to go out in daylight on a nicotine run. Saw some birds, took some nice pictures, and 오징아를 사았요.

Still creating my Interdimensional Puncture Wounds.

I don’t put much effort into selling it so if you’ve put the word out: Thanks, I’m pretty shit about doing that whole money/marketing thing and I’m still surprised that anyone pays for this stuff. If you haven’t put the word out, that’s fine too. It’s appreciated but certainly not expected. I should probably do more to sell the thing but, at the end of the day, who fucking cares? Nice to get paid but not the point.

There is no point.

I’m still enjoying making these things but, now, with a little time off school, might try to get my teeth into something a bit more substantial as well. Probably start that next week.

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