log: 산이 높아요

WORMDATE: L1.5-2: 396-88,516: 5-1,581

It looks like the vaccinations are due to start tomorrow. I haven’t been following all that closely. My understanding is that there’s been some science-based changes to who is going to get what when and some debate about whether or not the so-called herd immunity is even still possible considering the mutations and what might be reduced vaccine efficacy.

There’s also some discussion about planned changes to the way social distancing is done. Up until now businesses have borne the brunt of the restrictions and regulations and small businesses have taken a pretty big hit. The current idea, which is based a bit on New Zealand and an idea of spreading the burden around, is to start regulating people more and lighten restrictions on businesses. It’s more of a social bubble approach.

There’s some sense to it. This approach is geared to stopping the bulk of transmission, which is happening in social gatherings. But, to be honest, I don’t really see the point of changing the plan right now, nor do I understand how it’s supposed to help businesses. Any regulation is probably going to have about the same effect on business and, in any case, it’s not so much the rules as the pandemic which is to blame for business going bad.

Having said that, the government has, so far, shown that it knows what it’s doing and it has certainly earned some trust. If this is what they think they need to do now, then fine. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Doing so in the past hasn’t steered me wrong.

Aside from this, 아내 is talking about signing us up for KIIP and going after our permanent residence here. I’m not sure what brought that on. I suspect that it might have been the people in Texas thinking the snow was fake. A bit of camel, meet straw. And, of course, we both love Korea. Going back to America or even Canada seems more impossible with each passing day. There’s no homesickness for it. It’s more like home makes you a little sick.

But getting permanent residence is a long, difficult, and uncertain process. Just the KIIP thing, which is an government run education in language and culture, is about 500 hours long. At least a few hours every Saturday for about two years. But, on the bright side, I bet you come out the other end of that process pretty much fluent. It’s just a matter of doing it. And the course is pretty much free. I think it’s about $30 for the placement test.

Neither one of us is sure if we can do it right now. She has school and work and I need to get my BA. Adding a long class on Saturdays might be biting off more than we can chew. But it is something we’re seriously considering.

Aside from that, getting some reading and writing in. Adopted and built a new writing tool, which I’m enjoying using. That machine’s first scrying is already up on Interdimensional Puncture Wounds.

I’m pissing around with the novel again. One of the things that kills me with trying to write novels while also doing school is just that novels take a lot of concentration. Novels kind of consume a person. When I’m doing it, it’s not easy or even really possible for me to do much else. Even without the actual writing, just holding the whole fucking thing in my head takes a lot of effort. It’s a bit like climbing a hill with a heavy backpack. The writing part is just the hill.

So, right now it’s kind of like, unpacking and repacking the bag, picking it up again, getting it stable on my back, and taking the first few steps. But I’m about 50,000 words into the thing, so, if I can just hoist the fucking thing and am lucky enough for it to click right, I might even get a first draft done by the time I head back to school. Of course, I might end up falling down the hill, finding myself laying in a ditch with 40,000 words, and no way to get back up.

That’s the adventure of the shit, I guess. Can’t say I enjoy it much.

2 thoughts on “log: 산이 높아요

    • I hope so too but it’s a difficult, time intensive process, and we’re not sure if we can do it. But the KIIP thing might be worthwhile no matter how that turns out.


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