log: 너무 길이가

WORMDATE: L1.5-2: 344 -90,372: 1-1,606: 1,442-23,806

안녕하세요! 우주에서 왔어요.

지난 주말에 재밌어요. 삼 책이 인타넷부터 집까지 왔어요. 일요일 챽 두 하고 반 읽었어요. 정말 흥미는 있어요! 일요일 밤에 아내함게 집부터 해변의 까지 갔어요. 우리는 해운대블루라인에서 집까지 갔어요. “너무 길이가” 아내는 라고 말했다. “다리피로았어요. 산이 높아요. 하지마! 운동을 안 좋어요! 죽어요!” 제 아내는 불평하지만 살아요. 나는 그녀를 사랑한다.

Phew, you would not believe how long that took me to write!

The long and the short of it is: Had a pretty good weekend. Some books arrived (more on the way) and I settled into reading them. Went for a lovely walk with my wife. Probably about 10km, some of it even on flat ground. We actually went for a stroll along the beach for the first time in I don’t even know — probably about a year. And I even met some old cat friends along the way. Good to see they’re doing well.

I’m happy these books arrived. I actually like school but I do, at times, feel like it gets in the way of my education. While I have a moment away from it, I’m giving myself a sort of crash course in the social history and anthropology of health, disease, and medicine. I’m starting sort of broad, trying to get a bit of a bird’s eye view of the thing, but I intend to focus a little more sharply on tuberculosis in Korea during the modernization of medical system under Japanese colonial rule. I might also want to take a closer look at sanitation and eugenics.

It’s interesting stuff. Bit fucking morbid tho.

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