log: drop kick moods

WORMDATE: L1.5-2: 465-94,198: 4-1,652: 51,100-500,635 

매일이 새로운 문제이지만 항상 아이스크림은 있다.

부산에 봄은 왔어요. 새들이 노래하고 있다. 저는 창밖으로 소리친다 “바보 새들 노래하고 하지마! 나 좀 놔돌래요!” 왜 새들은 노래해요? 새들은 안 바빠요? 나무에서 새들은 안 힘들 일해요? 오늘은 고양이 없다? 아니요. 고양이 아직 있다. 왜 노래핬요? 근데 . . .

Been a bit of a dense and stressful week for reasons I don’t really want to go into here. Aside from that, it’s just been dense. For some reason, I’ve had a lot to do.

The 뇨스 seems typically berserk. I gather that there was some sort of revelation that the royal family are not very good people and they might even harbor some prejudice. I’m not really one of those “are you surprised?” people but, honestly . . . I mean, this is a collection of taxpayer funded kiddie and cousin fuckers whose whole job boils down to pretending that their blood is better that yours, which gives them the sacred right to drink your blood. These revelations are like revealing that Dracula has engaged in inhumane slaughter. On a princess no less! You wonder what he’s done to the maids.

Like, I enjoy The Crown as much as the next person –it’s sort of interesting to see what life is like for a cabal of half-sentient wax dummies in a museum– but that show is about the only thing of value anyone has ever got out of the royals. I don’t know why we don’t extract more TV from them. Reality TV. Confession booths all over Buckingham. Drop in Flava Flav for a season while the Queen simple life’s it in a local fish factory. But seeing how we’re not even allowed to do that much, and instead have to feast on crumbs falling from interviews revealing things that are only incredibly obvious –if odious– I can only say fuck the royal family. They can all get fucked. I don’t get them. What are they even for?

Fuck’s sake, Di just showed some glimmer of basic humanity and we’re still talking about it two hundred years later. Was she supposed to just stare slack-jawed and inert at the poor sick baby? Maybe drop-kick the sick baby through a window? Probably would have been less surprising. The standards are low.

Also odious but not surprising, Ralph’s is closing up some of its LA stores after being finally forced to give its employees a raise. They’ve made billions through this pandemic. But, apparently, giving their workers anything more than the odd janky pizza in the breakroom is enough to break the company. It’s just so incredibly fucked up.

The people running these companies — at this point, it’s not even like they’re just businessmen, which would be bad enough but at least has a certain logic. They’re a berserk cult of free-market ideologues. Making money is important to them, sure, but money-making seems secondary to their perverse social agenda, which they hope to enforce on everyone and everything below them. Everything is not enough.

Aside from that, the vaccination program here is picking up the pace and pretty much going as planned. COVID is also still fucking around so case numbers are rising again, which probably means that we’re going to see something or other happen fairly soon.

I’m currently reading a book on death but I’m not really into it. It’s about the philosophy around death — dualism, materialism, so on and so forth. I’m more interested in practices. My attitude to what, if anything, happens after death is pretty much just “we’ll find out or we won’t and it won’t matter but either way, patience solves this big mystery!” But I am interested in what people think about the subject and how they deal with it and why. So I’ll slog through the book anyway while I wait for more books to arrive.

I also got a new light for the apartment, which is nice. We can’t paint the walls or hang anything on them (solid fucking concrete) and because it’s only one room, colored lights and music are a pretty low-cost and easy ways to change up the atmosphere. Let’s you layer different rooms one atop the other. Flick a switch, new room.

It’s strange though. I’m not a big cyberpunk guy, but the other day, I was in the middle of of a pandemic and a misinformation pandemic, fresh home from the untact ice cream parlor and eating a bowl of ramen, lasers cutting through the steam, while I sorted through my pocket computer, to learn 한국어 and thought about my skin rejuvenating facemask, and well, I kind of felt like the childhood look and concept of 2021 as future really sort of snuck up on me and got real during this plague. If anything, it just totally shows that cyberpunk really doesn’t belong to the future anymore. I mean, it hasn’t for a while, but still . . .

Every so often a thing kinda jumps at you, you know?

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