Interdimensional Puncture Wounds

My 김치 money has arrived from Interdimensional Puncture Wounds so, if you subscribe, thank you and, if you don’t, I can’t blame you. I wouldn’t!

So far, I’ve basically been able to keep to my non-official goal of two short pieces a week and there’s now, I think, around fifty of the things up. It’s all gone a little different than how I expected. I thought there’d be more Worm God Zero but I just don’t seem all that plugged into Worm God Zero right now and there’s much more of The Banana King. I also didn’t expect there to be A Museum of a Billion Cosmic Objects but apparently that’s a thing.

All in all, I thought the whole thing was going to be more abstract than it’s turning out. As things stand, it’s more like news stories from some other place. I’d kind of like to overturn that structure and for the pieces to get weirder but I only exercise some small amount of control over the process. It’s being what it wants to be. I don’t want to argue with it.

As far as the subscriptions and all that goes, I’m surprised that I’ve made any money at all off these things. I pretty much expected nothing. I don’t even care about the money part. I more wanted a place to put this stuff that wasn’t just totally locked up in the drawer but also wasn’t just floating around. I wanted a door. Patreon seemed like a decent option and, so far, so good. If someone wants to see this nonsense, they can subscribe. If not, that’s fine too.

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