log: 먼지

WORMDATE: L1.5-2: 447-102,582: 3-1,729: 26,538-822,448 

어제 태양은 굽은 우유의 색깔이었다. 우리는 고비 사막한테서 많이 먼지를 받았어요. 밖에 갔아요. 5분후헤 제 눈랑 코는 문제있어요. 마스크를 필요지만 마스크를 벌써 필요해요. 제 마스크는 마스크를 필요해요! 하지만 오늘 더 좋다. 이 오후에 다시 산들을 보다.

Yeah, this yellow dust thing is no joke. Blows in from the ever expanding deserts. Today, emissions controls are in effect. 18 coal plants suspended, certain vehicles banned. The eyes burn and the nose clogs. Wipe everything down. Eat lots of seaweed.

Some travel gives you some idea of the extent of the climate crisis. If you’re in one place, you may tend to think –at least, I sort of did– that the place you’re at is the only place getting strange and severe weather. That’s not like a thought — more like a sense. You might understand the scale of it in your head but your bones don’t get the scale.

But, you move around a bit, and that sense of scale changes. Wherever you go on Earth, the weather is all pretty much “the worst in years” a “once in a century event” or just otherwise severe. Whether it’s fires, typhoons, or dust, the sky turning orange or white, it’s getting weird out there. Everywhere is warped. Everywhere is getting weird. Worlds are bending and some are breaking. This shit is a serious problem.

Aside from my readings on disease and whatnot, I’m wading a little deeper into cryptozoology and monsters. This was some of my Sunday morning reading and I have some, er, a lot more, lined up, for this week.

The thing that interests me the least about this subject is the whole “is X real or not?” conversation. I’m way more interested in how these beliefs are structured, passed around, what does and does not constitute “evidence”, the people who believe in cryptids and search for them, and the purposes these beliefs and communities serve. I’m also interested in the creatures themselves. They’re pretty fucking interesting. I mean, nine foot ape men?

But as to their actual existence? I just really don’t care.

I’m the same with religion. I find it fascinating but as to whether God exists? I just don’t care if it does or doesn’t. That part of it doesn’t interest me at all.

Part of that is probably just practical but another part is that I’m often just kind of indifferent to real or fake. On this issues, I’m very comfortable with “maybe.” I have a sort of ill-defined idea that there’s shit that happens in your head, shit that happens in the world, then a much more malleable and weird area between the two, and the things that happen there aren’t really subject to worries about “real” or “fake.” Like, I don’t know if the shadow people who start peeking into your windows three days into doing what you shouldn’t do to your body and brain are real or fake. In some sense, they are not there. In another, they sure as fuck are. So, you know, you just have to navigate that area. And I think that a lot more things than we suspect are a lot more like these shadow people than we think.

And this cryptozoology stuff, because it’s so ostensibly divorced from reality and other belief systems, is kind of an interesting diagnostic tool. It’s sort of a pure sample of the ways people use, describe, and process the unknown and unexplainable. Because, I really do think, some of these weird experiences are definitely, if not real exactly, still experienced.

Like, of course there’s hoaxes and grifters and simple delusions and all of that. But do people see sometimes see weird shit in the woods, the sky, and standing at the foot of their bed? Yeah. I think they often get confused trying to explain it, but yeah. There’s weird shit.

That’s sort of my sense of it anyway. I don’t really know what I think of it, tbh. I don’t know that a person always needs to know what they think of thing. It can be nice not to know – to delve into something without any sense of destination. 농담하지 마세요. 궁금 해서.

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