log: midnight exercise

WORMDATE: L2: 775 -120,673: 1-1,821: 175,794 -2,586,769 

숲의에 나는 체육관을 발견헀어요 그리고 자정에서 운동거에요. It was a bit of a surprise. I attempted a new route through the woods. Part of that was because I heard what I think was an owl –specifically, a Himalayan Owl– and I was hoping for a meeting. No luck with that but I did suddenly see what looked like some sort of dentist chair. Turned out to be an exercise machine. And then I saw there were a whole bunch of exercise machines. Weights too.

I’m one of those perverts who enjoys working out, though I’m not all that fond of gym culture, I have a hard time exercising at home. Part of that is just consideration for my neighbors, part of it is something else. I don’t know. Being in some sort of gym just makes me exercise a little more seriously. And I’ve been missing exercise. So this was a good find.

These public exercise areas are sprinkled along all sorts of paths but this one is pretty close to the house. Basically, if I go the shortest way, it’s about a five or ten minute walk to the woods, and then about 300 meters along a thin path down a steep hill. And getting back up that hill is its own damn workout. So yeah, I’m pretty happy about this. Already made a trip back. Going to try to make use of these facilities a couple times a week.

I’m also looking forward to working out outside but not, like, around people in daylight. Gyms are a very controlled sort of environment. I feel like some elements can toughen a person up. And it’s nice out in the woods at night. Peaceful. You can hear the ocean.

I also acquired a new flashlight. Small little thing but decent. Red light. Aside from just generally feeling less obtrusive, the benefit of a red light flashlight is that it doesn’t mess with your night vision. If you switch it off, you don’t have to wait for your vision to adjust and you can keep moving. That comes in handy.

But for the past couple of nights, I hardly needed the thing. The moon has been big and bright and helpful. Aside from some places where the trees grow too thick, the forest has basically been lit. I wish there were birch trees though. Birch trees look great in moonlight.

No birch trees but there is a plant that smells like chicken waste. And a sign explaining its purposes and apologizing for its odor.

I also just finished my weeklong orientation course for school. I hate these things. Wife says that whoever built me must have built in a verbal kill switch. Say dreams, goals, hopes, passions, ambitions, and I shutdown and try to reboot. But it’s more or less done.

More or less because I’m having to upload a picture of myself for my ID and that’s taking some time to get cleared. After over a year masked in public, it feels a bit weird and intimate sending a photo without a mask. A bit like the school is like: “Send nudes!” But anyway, here’s my face nudie. We’ll have to see if they take it. Who fucking knows what they want?

Happy as always.

Speaking of masks, it seems like NA might be overthinking the shit just a little bit. I keep picking up these weird strands of people yelling at other people because they’re wearing a mask alone in their car, or talk of safety theater, or long pieces on do we still have to wear these outside and when and wear, and all that sort of thing. And that’s without the whole idiot rightwing thing about “freedom”, which involves a man in a bowtie claiming a mask is an inconvenient symbol of obedience. A man in a BOWTIE complaining about wearing something unnecessary. Have you ever tied one of those things? I have. It’s absurd.

I mean, I would love to blame people’s resistance to masks on Casual Fridays and the general emphasis on comfort in sartorial matters. It’s not like Casual Fridays suddenly freed people, birthing some crazy renaissance in personal style, clothing and self-expression. People just got fucking comfortable. Many starting reading any awareness of clothing, any feeling of wearing clothing even, as some sort of oppression. As usual, men were the fucking worst. Has there even been a race to the bottom that white cis men have not won? God forbid anyone wears a shirt with buttons. Who you trying to impress? Better to dress up like some gigantic toddler. Laces? Who needs them?

But then some bozo in A FUCKING BOWTIE turns up complaining about masks being impractical. It makes no damn sense. None of it makes any sense.

But, like, it all just seems like a lot of overthinking and thinking about the wrong thing. Unless you think Big Mask is running the world, mask etiquette seems pretty obliviously like a thing that will, more or less, take care of itself. Masks aren’t that inconvenient. They have a lot to recommend them. I’m quite fond of them. I mean, they’re producing too much waste and, god sakes, cut the strings before you toss them out, but they’re not annoying. They might be annoying if you insist on constantly thinking about them and making other people think about your lack of one. But, fuck me, I’m not going to live my life wondering when and where I can take my mask off, constantly checking my environment for signs that I can show the world my pretty face. I’m sure its been waiting. just put the thing on when I leave the house. I forget about it. It’s not hard. It’s just not that hard. We’ve had over a year to get used to it.

But, what has the last year been if it hasn’t the horrendous experience of whole societies trip over the lowest possible hurdles? Not that there’s anything new about that but still . . .

Anyway, moon.

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