log: vampire deer

WORMDATE: 1,275 -164,028: 1-2,034: 30.1%-10.7% 

Turns out my math class is one of those high intensity classes. We do the whole semester in 8 eight weeks. We’re almost halfway through. I’m holding my own. 99.48%. Midterm this weekend. I’ve been doing about four hours of math five days a week for about a month. Bit stressed and crazy but fine. I’m fine. It’s fine.

The rainy season has started. 날씨가 덥고 습힙니다. 정말 습다. This means I’m a bit of, well, maybe a total mess. I can deal with heat and I can deal with rain but hot fucking rain? I just have no idea what to do with myself. To be sure, this next picture was taken on my home from the forest after working out in the rain but you get the drift. I basically look like I should be exploring the rubble with a bucket to find any sentimental photos that survived.

Not helping matters, I left the only pair of walking shorts I ever liked in LA. And bare legs are necessary. An umbrella doesn’t protect anything below the shins, you see. And just too fucking hot for a raincoat. But I’m working on the problem. The challenge is being at all put together in a solid wet heat. I have to be kinda quick-dry and breathable.

That meant a trip to the tailor. I’m having some linen shirts made. It’s a great fabric for this sort of weather. Seersucker works really well too. But I’m only willing to go so far for practicality. Although I have a pair of seersucker pants and a seersucker jacket, and can handle it in small does, I happen to think seersucker is really fucking ugly. It’s one of those things where you might as well buy a boater and grow a quirky moustache. A unicycle and ukulele cannot be far away. It’s best to keep those things at distance.

So, yeah, adjusting to this weather is a bit of a project. We’ll see how it goes. I don’t know, I’m even thinking that next year, I might get a linen suit. Something that can rumple.

Not like the world is getting cooler.

Decent progress on my exercising. I now do four pull-ups in a row. Trying to do five sets of three. It’s not much, I know, but it’s much better than the zero I started with. I’d like to be able to get to five sets of ten but I’m not going to knock myself out on that. At the end of the day, I still have to fit into my shirts. I’m also doing some other hanging exercises. Knee lifts, leg raises, chin-ups, that sort of thing. Everything is harder when you’re hanging.

With my skipping, first time I did it, three sets of thirty skips left me sitting in a puddle and craving the sweet release of death. I can now do two hundred skips in a row, generally do about 5 sets of 100, mixed in between weights, and sometimes just warm up with ten minutes of skipping – as solid as I can manage. I’m working on learning the boxer’s shuffle. I like skipping. I like exercise in general. Pretty much, all you need to do is to to do it, and you get results. Wish everything was that simple.

I also bought some 50 cent work-gloves for my pullups. The blisters were getting a bit out of control.

My progress with 한구어 is a bit less linear. I have phases where I pick some up and grow in confidence. I’m not in one of those phases now. I’m still working at it but feel a little stalled. But it kinda seems to happen like that. I fight through this, make some sort of sideways leap, and then repeat. Still, not in any classes and on my own at the moment. That can’t help.

Also, wife and I saw a deer. It was walking late at night alongside the Haeundae Blue Line. It was a weird thing to identify. My first thought was dog, then I thought hare. But its legs were too long for a dog and, although it walked like a hare, it would have been one big fucking hare. Realized it was a deer and thought it was a fawn. Wrong. It turns out that the deer here are just much smaller than North American varieties. It was a Chinese Water Deer. Or, as it is sometimes known — a vampire deer. You can see why.

Apparently, a pretty rare sight. Feel lucky to have spotted it. Not sure how the people who have gardens in the area feel. I didn’t even know there were deer here.

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