log: cookies please

벌레 일지 WORMDATE: 1,896 -193,427: 4-2,083: 34.9 %-???%

I’m feeling a bit more on edge here than usual. We’re currently under some of the tightest restrictions since the start of this thing. The vaccination supply seems to have –if not totally dried up– then to have seriously stalled. Having said that, Wife has an appointment to receive her first shot in early August. As for me, I’m just trying to keep an eye on leftover doses through Kakao but, so far, no luck. We’re doing what we can.

Wife said a while back that one of the more stressful things for her is that she basically works for the weekend. But it feels like it’s been a long time since there’s been a weekend. MY weeks are, of course, structured a little differently than that –I’m not even sure that my adult working life has ever had a Monday to Friday or a conventional weekend– but I understand what she means. Like, early this week, ended up breezing through my daily math homework. Was done by 10AM. Wrote for a couple of hours. And there was noon.

Bunch of things I’d like to do. Head out for a walk or a coffee. Out of my two favorite cafes, one is also a library and has been closed since the start of this, and the other one is on really reduced hours. Even if I wanted to drop in, I couldn’t. So nothing to do but hunker down. Got my work done early and well and well . . .

Those lack of little rewards can be a little difficult. I do like the joke people say after someone performs a normal task “what do you want, a cookie?” but the simple truth is yes, I would very much like a cookie. Who doesn’t? Who the fuck would do anything if there was no cookies involved? And it’s pretty petty (though funny) to begrudge people their cookies.

Not so many cookies these days tho. 요즘에 쿠키를 없어요.

Also been watching the ongoing clusterfuck around the CDC and its mask guidance. On one hand, I think it’s pretty important for people to understand that some problems are really on the outer limits of what humans are even capable of managing and that a pandemic is one such problem. Adjust your expectations accordingly. On the other, they probably could have done a much better job of all of this than they have. It all seems a little berserk.

Now, for my part, I think the importance of masks have been pretty overemphasized for a while. I believe they work to a degree but as only one layer in a package of responses. The fixation on them, pro or against, just seems bizarre. Like just wear one. No big deal.

And it even seems to cloud other issues. Like, you’ll sometimes hear people advocate for masks while bemoaning the amount of time they were told to spend washing their hands. All that wasted(?) time cleaning surfaces and hands! Hygiene theater! Never mind that we know cleaning hands and surfaces reduces the spread of things like flu –and thank fuck we did not get a flu outbreak on top of the COVID one– masks seem to be given all the credit for the mild flu season and are treated like a fix-all. But please keep washing your hands.

Like, Christ sakes . . .

Anyway, the CDC said, for some reason, that masks need no longer be mandated and have now reversed course. I think, what we’re seeing with this, is a limit in science based communication mixed with a bias towards getting back to “normal” where masks have, for some reason become the symbol of abnormality. Even though they’re just masks.

In a way, the CDC was probably on pretty solid ground when they took away the mask mandate and claimed that the vaccinated no longer needed them. In a way. They were responding to the data. But the thing about science directed efforts and science based measures is that the science is only part of the science. Like, these things should be based in science but the science itself, the data, will always experience a bit of a lag, some uncertainty, and this needs to be dealt with using common sense.

The science might say it’s reasonable for vaccinated people to not wear masks. But there’s some speculation involved in that. There’s a hope that vaccination rates were going to continue to grow and that the data was totally accurate. Both seemed reasonable.

But experience and common sense should have indicated that caution was called for. That this COVID thing was some slippery shit. Given that, it would have been best to err on the side of caution. Especially considering how easy and unobtrusive masks are and what the costs, not only in spread, but in trust, could be of getting it wrong. If masks weren’t such a fixation, an obsession really, the mandates probably would have been left alone.

As is, the American government has kind of embarked on a policy of ending masks more than ending COVID. That just seems a little confused to me.

And if there was not a bias towards returning to the so-called normal that none of us are never going to ever see again, so just give that shit up already, the CDC probably would have taken a different route. But it is what it is. The biases and obsessions spoke where the science was silent and we’re just in some weird confusion again.

And all that is sort of terrible but watching billionaires shoot themselves into space, at a time like this, just makes it all seem even more ridiculous and pointless.

So, yeah. In a bit of a mood, I guess.

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