log: 째깍 째깍

벌레 일지 WORMDATE: 1,202 – 201,203: 5-2,104: 14%

요즘에 무지무지 덥네요. 밤에 삼십도다. 생각은 힘들지만 오늘 4시에 수학 사험이 있다. 시험은 12시에 LA에서 시작하다. 저는 열심히 궁보했어요. 이제 기다려요. 사간이 천천히 흐르다. 틱톡 틱톡. 바나나 먹고 스타트랙 보아요. 째깍 째깍.

오늘에 아내는 백신을 받아요 저는 아직 백신을 기다리지만 기분 좋아.

So, if you don’t feel like figuring that out, basically it’s been hot, I’ve got my math final at 4, and Wife is getting her first shot of vaccine today. Pretty big day, I guess, if you put it like that. Feels pretty laid back tho.

I’m enjoying the day with “Next Episode” the new AKMU album. If you don’t know them, they’re a brother-sister duo and part of the sort of pure musicianship strain of K-Pop. This album is a collaboration with some top names. And it’s just a very nice, melodic, and chill little album. Just 25 minutes of clean and pure pop. Been on repeat here for a couple of days now. Pairs well with humidity, shutdown, and math.

And it has Zion-T on it. Now, I don’t follow things that closely at all but I feel like I haven’t seen that kid in a while. And I liked him. He’s a very strange sort of pop-star. Weird vibe. Sort of very precise and lowkey and inward. He fits well on this album.

Tho, my favorite music news was, after my workout last night, I dropped by the GS-25 and the young lady working the night shift had the muzak turned off and some sort of punk rock cranked up. I love to see it. Something like that just cheers me right up. Those kind of — across distance and time, and vastly different situations, I get it. Night shift.

It has been pretty ridiculously hot. Not that the dog pictured above, one Davy Jr., is much bothered. There, she’s just being a little dramatic. Having only been fed twice in the ten minutes previous to that photo, she had to lay next to her food bowl, pretending to starve. Poor beast. Wasting away. Dying of neglect, probably. Why do I hate her?

Just a few blocks of walking and I’m sweating through my shirts. And because it’s not really cooling down at night, hovering around 30, my exercise routine has been fairly grueling.

But my levitations are improving!

It’s sort of strange to think that for a short but recent phase of European history, exercising in the woods at night would probably be enough to get one burned at the stake. And if you did it under a full moon? That’d be enough to start rumors of goat-man- fucking that would persist for hundred of years and end up creating whole genres of heavy metal music and shelves upon shelves of nonsense at the new-age book store. All because some medieval ladies snuck out for a midnight spin class! These days, about the best you can expect is a visit from The Big Googly Owl after exhaustion adjusts your brain to the critical paranoiac method and The Other Forest emerges from the shadows.

But I may have some company on weekends. Wife decided to come down with me last weekend, while the lights were still on, and she actually enjoyed it. I’m going to try to convince her to try it in the dark. It’s not really scary, the path down is the same either way, and I’ve found an easier –and beautiful– route out for her. It may become a routine.

Oh, and that album, if you’re interested.

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