Comet Fragments

Our World in Data: Stumbled into this site while looking for information of something a few days ago and I like it. A lot of very easy to use and understand charts and graphs and that sort of thing. There’s even a section on COVID.

Animals Are Changing Shape to Cope With Rising Temperatures: Global warming has written itself onto the bodies of animals. The body shapes of critters are changing to better regulate their temperature. Parrots now have bigger beaks. Of course, the jury is still out on whether these changes will be enough to withstand the hot days to come. And it’s not so much data about the ability of nature to survive as it is about how many animals humans have already killed by heating the planet and the severity of the situation.

Beached Rat Carcasses Indicate Mass Rodent Death During Ida, Experts Say: A lot of rats died in the New York floods and are now washed up on beaches, streets, and whathaveyou. Perhaps, more disturbing than Dead Sewer Rat Beach (though that is probably a high bar to jump) the traumatized and freshly homeless rat survivors have apparently come aboveground and started building nests. The rats are floodproofing. It’ll be fine, I’m sure.

The United States Isn’t Ready for the New Phase of Climate Change: Not exactly news but true all the same. This shit is beyond preventing now and has been for a while. Basically, the damage can be reduced and a lot of shit can be adapted and, if we get all that right, maybe things will get better in the future. (Though probably not in the lifetime of anyone alive right now to read this.) Problem is, no one (except maybe the rats and parrots) is really seriously working even on what it will to take to adapt to this crisis. It’s a big job.

In the Middle of the Great Resignation, Employers Are Rejecting Millions of Qualified Workers, New Harvard Research Finds: This one interests me less because the hiring software is so fucked up, though it is really is so seriously fucked up but more because of this thing about the ridiculous ways employers describe the jobs their hiring for:

These epic, over-prescriptive job descriptions certainly deter some job seekers from even sending in a resume, but the real problem occurs when these bloated lists of requirements are fed into automated hiring software. Thanks to these systems, millions of resumes are tossed because of gaps in employment history, or other “problems” that aren’t really problems at all. 

It’s just an odd thing where workers are getting it from both sides and about ten more besides. Not only are wages suppressed, employers are also seeking skills and qualifications that are totally irrelevant to the jobs they’re hiring for. In some cases –A LOT OF CASES– these skills are expensive to acquire. So it’s like, not only are people not fairly paid for the jobs they are doing, they’re also expected to be qualified for jobs they don’t even have. And it’s hard to figure out how this works –insofar as it works.

Seems like everyone is playing this weird game of speaking a sort of ever-escalating HR Speak. I remember going over resumes at a restaurant and so many of them were like “challenge myself” and “fast-paced environment” and lists of interests and hobbies like anyone gives a shit what you do on your spare time. I’m sure you know all the buzzwords. Best resume out of the bunch was basically a name, a phone number, and how many plates she could carry. Like, that’s about the only relevant and concrete skill I ever saw listed.

Just seems like, as time goes on, we’re all selecting less for anyone who knows how to do anything and more for people who know how to bullshit correctly. And that’s across the board.

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