log: day off

벌레 일지 WORMDATE: L3: 1,952 – 356,305: 9 – 2,797: 79.6 % – 71.5 %

I took a day off from my studies. I’ve basically done all my work through November 7. The class is interesting and I’m enjoying it. A lot of focus on archaeology in the American Southwest, which makes sense — considering that’s where ASU does a lot of research. But that’s just not an area I find particularly interesting. It’s still interesting, of course — really interesting even. But the American Southwest just isn’t one of my hobby horses. It’s not an area of specific fascination for me. Like, I went to Phoenix one time. The airport.

Looking at that city from the air, all I could think was: Why?

It’s only about a million and half to two million people yet covers the largest area of any American city. Like, that’s some fucking sprawl. In a desert. Just about the worst and most inefficient way to build anything, let alone a place you have a water problem. That city looked to me like a thing to tear down and try again. Maybe. Madness.

Speaking of which

I tossed up another short on INTERDIMENSIONAL PUNCTURE WOUNDS. My output has slowed a little over there. (School etc.) But I have about 70 quick and dirty shorts up and am, overall, pretty happy with the thing. Today, I did a little, well, I guess you’d call it some form of cattle mutilation erotica. Outside of Ted Cruz’s computer, that stuff isn’t so easy to find.

Doesn’t seem to be much of a demand either. For some reason.

I also picked up a book of Korean Folk Tales. It’s set up for language learners. It starts off super simple, has a story in Korean and English, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing exercises. It’s really well put together. I’m doing one lesson a week, but the writing exercise every day. That means, this week, I’m writing about my morning every night.

How does one translate “cattle mutilation erotica” anyway?

After writing and posting that piece, I headed over to the tailor. It was time for my coat’s basted fitting. If you’re not familiar with bespoke, that’s the second fitting, where the thing is sort of put together, and it gets adjusted. It’s also my favorite fitting. A couple of adjustments were needed (they always are) but I’m liking how it’s looking.

Though buying a coat seems like an act of reckless optimism. It assumes that it will, at some point, get cold enough to warrant a coat, and that outside will still exist or be allowed.

And I saw an owl the other night. I was sketching in the woods. Now, I don’t actually sketch. But I accidentally bought a sketchbook when trying to buy a notebook for math and I’m stuck with the thing so I’m trying to sketch. I’m really bad at it. Like a thumbless child if that child was also drunk and had no artistic ability whatsoever. But I have to use that book so . . .

Anyway, I was at a lookout near a pretty owlish looking spot, where I often stop to see if I can see one, and I’d just finished my horrendous sketch when an owl flew past.

No picture, of course. Was just lucky to see it.

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