log: day one of phase one

벌레 일지 WORMDATE: PHASE 1: 54.8%: 9-2858: 80.1%–75.3%

Today, we’ve entered Phase 1 of LIVING WITH COVID.

Some restrictions have been lifted. In Busan, 12 people can gather if 8 are vaccinated. High risk venues like clubs, singing rooms, and gyms can now stay open until midnight, and these places will require a vaccine pass. There are no more restrictions on hours for cafes and restaurants. And it sounds like vaccine passes won’t be required for these places. Basic hygiene measures like masks, and public health measures like testing facilities and tracing tools, all remain in place.

The exit strategy is made up of three phases. Each phase will last six weeks – made up of fours weeks of implementation and two weeks of reviewing the data. Because Delta shows symptoms so quickly, that should be enough time to see if we’re having any massive outbreaks and to adjust. Of course, that’s all on paper. We’ll have to see what happens.

As part of this reopening, different numbers are now being emphasized. Rather than daily cases, we’re looking more at hospital capacity, critical cases, and deaths. We’re not quite sure what’s going to happen with the case numbers but a surge is expected.

We’re actually already having a surge. New daily cases have been in the 2000s for the past week. Some are expecting our daily cases to hit 5,000-10,000. How bad will that get and what will that mean? We’re going to find out! Maybe it will be okay. That’d be new!

It’s such a peculiar situation. In a way.

We’re more vaccinated than we’ve ever been yet our cases are higher than they’ve ever been. Of course, if we were acting in 2020 how we’ve been acting for the last couple of months, there would have been a lot more infections, a lot more dead, and a lot more sick. Our cases are up but so is our mingling. So case numbers are a bad comparison. It still feels a little weird though. Altering perspective on case numbers will take a moment.

As for how all this affects me? Well, maybe, on my midnight walks, I’ll be able to stop at a café and grab a coffee. Until now, everything but delivery has had to close by 10PM. Before COVID, a lot of things were 24/7. Being nocturnal, I like that.

There’s about a metric shit tonne of restaurants that I want to try. I don’t think I’ve been in a restaurant since January (Maybe early February?) in 2020.

And I’m really hoping that The Mystery Café reopens soon. I miss the ladies there — though I have sometimes seen and chatted with them on the street. Just being able to get out of the house, sit down, and read for a bit is a really important part of my day. It’s kinda the glue that holds my sanity together. I have not been able to do it in a long time.

I’ve been able to get my vaccine pass. Basically, just had to hit a couple buttons on my phone, enter my number, it saw that I’m vaccinated and that’s that. I shake my phone twice, a QR code comes up, and that gets scanned at the door of high risk venues. I’m not wild on the whole vaccine pass idea but at least it was pretty easy to acquire.

So, yeah, we’ll see what happens. I hope it’s not terrible.

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