log: rosebush

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I’ve been pretty well behaved this break. On vacation, my usual custom is to start rearranging everything in the apartment. I move furniture, paint, or something like that. My wife lives in dread of my breaks. But, this time? I’ve been pretty well behaved.

Now, I did reorganize a lot of books and clean out all the drawers. And I did end up buying a plant today, even though the last time I bought a plant, the fucking pandemic started so I guess we can just wait and see what this one will bring. It’ll be bad, no doubt. It’s roses. That probably means things will go nuclear. Chemical, at least. Maybe I’ll just end up killing the flowers. But it can’t be good. I know that much. I’ve even thinking of starting an herb garden so, well, you’ve been warned. Buy a bunny suit and built a bunker.

But, mainly, I was preoccupied with a computer problem. The problem was . . . It’s a bit hard to explain.

Basically, I’m working off two computers. One is a little notebook, the other is an old laptop. Now, for my schoolwork, the notebook is too small. It’s basically like working off a tablet and, when I’m doing the coding, this becomes a genuine problem. The laptop is a decent size –and I can code on it– but it’s getting really very old and takes about half an hour to boot. So, on one hand, a computer that’s plenty powerful but too small and, on the other, on that’s a decent size but too weak. Plus splitting my tasks between these two machines is just a bit more fucking about than I ever need in my life. I like to keep things simple.

The way I wanted to solve this was by getting a desktop. Aside from killing two birds with one stone –power and size– I haven’t had a desktop in years. I miss desktops. I went small with a notebook because I thought portable was going to be important. I imagined myself spending more time working in cafes. I suppose we all know what happened there.

At any rate, I shopped around and was not happy with the result. What was easily available was too expensive and I wasn’t particularly impressed with the specs. I don’t mind squandering money –quite like it, actually– but I hate feeling unhappy with what I’m getting before I even get it. I want to feel satisfied before I pay. There’s plenty of time for regret.

I thought about rolling the dice and trying online but that really opens a world of depending on my shit Korean combined with mechanical translation. Just was not willing.

I did, however, find a solution that was both pretty cheap and effective. I bought a new monitor and a new keyboard. Basically, I just plug my notebook into those. And it’s fine. It works. I’m very happy with the result. Not only does this mean I can now use dual monitors, which I’m looking forward to, it also freed me up to take my bigger laptop, and plug that motherfucker into my TV. So now I have a DVD player again and can watch computer VDO on the TV. Also, it’s nice to work off a mechanical keyboard. Feel like I can hit it!

No idea how I ended up with so many HDMI cords though. I had three in the drawer.

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