log: dogday

벌레 일지 WORMDATE: 15,424,598(+90,928): 1,099(-15): 19,679(+258 )(0.13%)

The week . . . Was it last week? One of these weeks got off to a pretty ridiculous start. Woke up early, planning to get a bunch done before noon and then head to the gym. First thing I did? Sat on my glasses. Broke them. Next thing I did? Looked for a backup pair, then took my glasses in to get fixed. They’ll be ready soon. 2 weeks to fix but it’s free.

Of course, this means I’m dealing with an obsolete but still better than nothing prescription. Adds a much needed extra little a bit of difficulty and annoyance to everything. Squinting through my readings and codings, developing headaches. It’s a lot of fun. But whatever. It’s irritating. I’ll live. (He hopes.) And no sympathy for self-inflicted wounds!

Aside from that, things are good. I have a few t-shirts arriving from Etsy. (I bought those well before the strike and, if you don’t know, Etsy is on strike so don’t cross the picket line and don’t scab.) After last summer, I’ve decided to just give up now. Summer will be a mess.

I might be a bit too eager to be a mess though.

On way home from gym.

I jumped the gun a bit today.

In my defense, strange weather. It was somehow both cool and stuffy. Like a little chilly but still humid. You could feel the heat tense and ready to pounce but not the heat itself.

It would have been too hot inside of any of my winter suits. The all-seasons? I’m having a wee bit of a problem where I’m getting a bit too muscular for them. My tailor invited me to take my shirts in so she can take them out. I really should try to get that done this week.

The heat is coming.

Also, Davy Jr. turned 16 today.

I love this fucking dog.

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