Exercise Journal

20180226_020618_HDR-01-011. Five sets of fifteen back extensions on Roman chair with a 20lb weight.

2. Five sets of five pulldowns – 175lbs. Five sets of 20 stability ball crunches.

3. Five sets of ten step-ups per leg with two 20lb weights. Five sets of twenty stability ball crunches.

Rest between sets is thirty seconds to one minute long and is spent on the treadmill. There’s no rest between the exercises done in 2 and 3. Ex. pull-downs straight to crunches, then rest, then pull-downs straight to crunches then rest, and so on.

This took about fifty minutes including cool-down. It was quiet at the gym last night. Had the whole place to myself. There’s a new guard. I was a bit tired from work.



Exercise Log


5 sets of ten step-ups per leg while holding 15lb weights. Height, 7 panels.

Roman Chair Extensions. 5 sets of ten holding one 20lb weight. Hammer Curls: Five sets of ten with 25lb weights.

Roman Chair Sit-ups: Five sets of 15.

Rest periods between sets are 30 to 60 seconds long and spent on the treadmill at 3mph on the maximum incline, except for the last set, where rest between sets is 15 to 30 seconds of treadmill at a light jog. Finished the session with a 30 second sprint then stretches. Managed to touch my toes.

Total time including cool-down – 45 minutes.

Had to let a batch of firemen into Janky Palace. Some sort of problem in one of the rooms on the first floor. Although I haven’t heard him screaming in a while, I have reason to think it might be related to the man who is afraid of toxic water.

There’s a new security guard.